Tips on staying safe when modelling outside of events

Copyright photofairground, used with permission

Group Captain Tony “Bootstrap” Bates

Tony Bates is the Group Captain of Steampunk Doncaster and he’s taken time to draw on his vast experience to give us all a few guidelines when arranging photography shoots outside of steampunk events. Continue reading

Heresy n Heelz Alternative & Burlesque Fair birthday revisit

alternative & burlesque fair performer

Slinky Sparkles. Copyright photofairground, used with permission

I mentioned in the Journal’s birthday post that the Alternative & Burlesque Fair was my first official press event, so I thought it fitting that, as they were back in Sheffield so close to the anniversary, I would pay them another visit and I’m ever so glad that I did. Continue reading

Ladies spotted having tea on London Bridge

Tea Bombing

Two ladies in Victorian outfits set up a table and chairs then had tea in the middle of London Bridge.

A member of the steampunk community posted a link to a news story about two ladies that got dressed up and had tea on the central reservation of London Bridge on Monday morning. No-one is entirely sure why they did and it doesn’t look like anyone has found out who they are.Were they wearing Victorian? Someone has speculated Georgian.

Could it be a PR stunt? Prank? Or they simply got thirsty and just happened to have a full brew kit, china cups, Victorian outfits and a wrought iron bistro table and chairs on them at the time.

Whatever the reason, the term “Teabombing” has been coined and I’m willing to create a page dedicated to examples of it. Well as long as it’s in more sensible areas than the middle of a road in one of the World’s busiest cities at rush hour.

Image provided courtesy of @VEaslea on Twitter

Images from The Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Sheffield July 2014

Ahead of my article about the Alternative & Burlesque Fair that I revisited in Sheffield, here are 63 pictures featuring a dance from burlesque performer Slinky Sparkles and pole art from Dance Blush studios.


Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre review

Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre

Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre

As the sequel to Bronze Gods, Silver Mirrors picks up directly after the first novel. Detectives Mikani and Ritsuko now have to investigate unusual happenings in the city they thought they’d already saved. Priced at £7.99 from Titan Publishing, Silver Mirrors is part of the Apparatus Infernum novels. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Steampunk Journal


Pansy Cheung, a burlesque dancer from Sheffield. This is probably the first photograph I took on behalf of Steampunk Journal.

Steampunk Journal is 1 today. It’s a place that I never thought it would get to as I didn’t know anyone in the culture but after putting myself about a bit (no innuendo intended) I got to meet some wonderful people. Most notably I’d like to mention the people that have helped me by introducing me to others that would help build the Journal:

Jules Evans allowed me my first entry as a press official into the Alternative & Burlesque Fair in Sheffield. I’ll be visiting there this Saturday after (possibly before) an alt photo shoot.

Kathryn Downs advised me on who to talk to for more info on steampunk and has been a constant friend over the past 12 months.

Professor Elemental introduced me to steampunk after allowing me to take his pictures at IVFDF in Sheffield back in March 2013. He also gave me my first interview which I would like to do again sometime.

Michael Young gave me my first in-depth interview and has constantly helped me know what events to attend and kept me laughing throughout.

Erica Malady allowed me to review her accessories without even really knowing who I am. I’m thankful for her letting me borrow her property to review and I urge you to look at her lovely pieces of jewellery.

I’ve met contacts and people along the way that have helped me with various stories and exclusives. Gary Nicholls has trusted me to get his stunning photographic story online with teasers and full displays. Titan publications have given me copies of splendid books to give away in competitions. Ruud de Korte and Constance Bashford have welcomed me with fantastic interviews and photographs. Deadly Nightshade and Ryvita von Cheese allowed me to attend and review their wonderful burlesque nights.

Last but not least I’ve made wonderful friends along the way. I’ve been able to indulge in a fashion lifestyle that I’ve been interested in for as long as I can remember and not been considered as being a bit odd. Arguably because there are people more odd than me among us!

I’d like to end this post by saying thank you to everyone who I’ve been in contact with and have made the Journal possible. Steampunk Journal is now the most popular steampunk news site in the United Kingdom. With your help, I’d like to take that to the World.

What steampunk are you?

Playbuzz steampunk icon challenge

Playbuzz asks what icon of steampunk you are.


Sometimes I have the urge to categorise myself and on this particular occasion I tried to get some help. It seems there are a number of websites out there with the intention of helping you from finding out which steampunk icon you’re most like, to being able to take your own character test. Continue reading