Gear Con returns in 2014

Gear Con 2014 poster

Gear Con 2014 poster

It’s back again and this time celebrating the skies. If you’re happening upon Portland, Oregon, during the American Independence weekend, you could pay a visit to Gear Con 2014. Continue reading

Steam on Queen

Press release:

Steam on Queen

Steam on Queen

Toronto, ON, June 13, 2014
On Saturday June 21st, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Canadian Steam Productions is once again holding Toronto’s only annual Steampunk Street Fair -Steam on Queen- on the grounds of the Historic Campbell House Museum, located on the north west corner of Queen Street and University Avenues: 160 Queen Street West.

Featuring local vendors and entertainers and their take on the Steampunk genre, visitors are invited to shop the unique wares while the Campbell House Museum’s Lemonade Garden provide refreshments made on site in the museum’s Georgian era kitchen.

Admission to “Steam on Queen” is free, and tours of Campbell House Museum will be conducted throughout the day.

Performances by “Dr. Mulberry’s Travelling Medicine and Magic Show”, the aerialist students from the Flying Arts Collective, the Steampunk-inspired Dragonettes from Dragonfly Bellydance, Nero’s Fiddle (formerly the Twillingham Ladies Chorus) and Flamenco Zingari Dance, bringing Steampunk-Flamenco fusion to the stage.

Also appearing is “Floss & Tann’s Wunderkammer: A Cabinet of Curiosity for the Incurably Curious” … “Venture inside our historic Toonie Museum & witness a concoction of sights rarely seen, cautionary tales & mythological mysteries. Step Right Up! “

For additional information, showtimes and full vendor list please see the website:

Brought to you by Canadian Steam Productions, specializing in producing Steampunk-themed events, displays and programs, bringing you only the very best in Canadian Steampunk culture.

Steampunk photographic workshop

Hannah Springs

Steampunk model, image copyright

Welshot Imaging are holding a steampunk photoshoot in October and if you’re interested in following in the footsteps of well known steampunk photographers such as Ruud De Korte, Gary Nicholls or Chuck Coleman, then this could be the opportunity for you. Continue reading

Steampunk day at Old Cowtown

Old Cowtown steampunks

Image from Old Cowtown steampunk day 2013

Press release
Visitors to Old Cowtown Museum are used to seeing the Victorian era portrayed true to form, but when Steampunk Day arrives on Saturday May 24, they will experience a re-imagined, more advanced 19th century straight out of a Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novel. Continue reading

Rivers MEET Cafe steampunk Mini Market cancelled

Methely cafe main website image

Methley RiversMEET cafe was to be the location of a steampunk mini market 18th May, 2014

The steampunk Mini Market that I reported about on March 27th at Rivers MEET Cafe in Methley has been cancelled.

It was due to be held on Sunday, 18th May 2014 but has been cancelled due to a lack of interested traders.

The organisers decided it was better to cancel in advance rather than have a lack lustre event.


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Brass Brunel Bristol steampunk event is cancelled

Bristol Steampunk Festival poster

Brass Brunel! Bristol Steampunk Festival

Sadly due to poor ticket sales, the organisers of Brass Brunel, which was due to run from June 20-22, have had to cancel the event. The convivial was being organised by steampunks, for steampunks and was going to feature a market, workshops and steampunk exhibitions in Bristol. Continue reading

Steampunk Mini Market looking for stallholders

Methely cafe main website image

Methley RiversMEET cafe is the location of a steampunk mini market 18th May, 2014

Rivers MEET Craft Cafe are holding a steampunk Mini Market on the 18th May, 2014 and are calling for additional stallholders to join the current traders.

Continue reading

Brass Brunel! The Bristol Steampunk Convention

Brass Brunel! The Bristol Steampunk Convention!

Bristol Steampunk Festival poster

Brass Brunel! Bristol Steampunk Festival

Brass Brunel
Friday, June 20, 2014 at 6:00 PM – Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 5:00 PM (GMT)
Bristol, United Kingdom Continue reading

Steampunks in Salford

steampunks in Salford event

Steampunks in Salford, 1pm today.

Don’t forget, Ladies and Gentlemen, a number of steampunks will be meeting at Salford Museum today at around 1pm for a browse around the Museum and Art Gallery. If you have a new costume to display, why not tootle along to have a photograph taken in it on Lark Hill Place, the replica Victorian street.

It looks to be great fun and I’m going to be there too, so make sure you say hello.

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Blackmore steampunk video game Kickstarter

Blackmore set in Britain

Blackmore video game looks impressive

Before an argument starts over why the Americans and Japanese are making a video game set in Britain, look at the picture above. If Blackmore looks like this all the way through, then it’s going to be impressive. Continue reading