Savant – Kali 47 music video features steampunk Native Americans

Savant - Kali 47 single cover

Savant – Kali 47 single cover

I’ve just watched the music video for Kali 47 from Savant. It’s an incredible, gory, special effects heavy film that features a bar brawl between steampunk cowboys and three demonic skeletal cowboys.

Bar Fight with weapons

Bar Fight with weapons

The moves are amazing, the weaponary is stunning and is that a Brute Force bionic arm I see?

Cut to the local Native American tribe and they are even sporting welding goggles (more for recognition, than actually fixing something with a welder).

The choreography is fantastic, the effects are stunning and the cinematography is sublime.

Take a look at it now on YouTube by following this link: Savant – Kali 47 music video

Steampunk sequel to Oliver Twist gains momentum

Scene from Oliver Twist

Scene from Oliver Twist

An idea for a steampunk sequel to Oliver Twist – Charles Dicken’s famous story about a down and out boy who is really the son of a wealthy gentleman – has been completely redrafted from it’s previous version by none other than Cornetto Trilogy director Edgar Wright. Continue reading

Marvellous Japanese steampunk tinkerer

Frisk_P garter heart rate monitor

Frisk_P garter heart rate monitor

It’s nice when I stumble on incredible steampunk work, especially when the inventor has a sense of humour. In order to maintain decorum and to remain gentlemen, we have to refrain from possible exposure to ladies that are unsuitably clothed. It’s one thing secretly noticing the turn of a pretty ankle, but to see leg right up to the garter could see you laying down in the front room with a cold flannel on your forehead.

wpid-img_20150123_234509.jpgThankfully, Twitter user Frisk_P has come up with a suitable invention that will make sure that gentlemen who have a dicky ticker won’t be caught unawares. He’s combined a lady’s garter with a heart rate monitor. Let’s face, the sight of a lady’s thigh is enough to set even the most resolute of pulses racing, so this invention is perfect for such an occasion.

Feel free to take a look at Frisk_P on Twitter. His link is here: @Frisk_P Twitter

It should be noted that unless you can read Japanese, you’ll need a Translation tool to help.

Paddington film displays immense steampunk sorting machine

Paddington and Mr Brown at the Geographical Guild Headquarters

Paddington and Mr Brown at the Geographical Guild Headquarters

Have you seen the new Paddington film yet? I haven’t, but after a friend showed me the scene in the link below, I certainly will be doing now.

The scene shows Paddington and Mr Brown arrive at the rather splendid Geographical Guild Headquarters. They require assistance for something – which I’m sure watching the whole film will explain – and the lady behind the desk sets a massive operation into motion that involves massive lengths of brass piping to create a grand pneumatic tube system that runs along the entire area they’re in. Which is big.

The rest of the room is covered in portraits, marble, expensive carpets and two enormous globes, which can be seen in the background of the image above.

Sadly, I can’t add videos here. so please adjourn to YouTube to watch the scene by clicking on the link here: Paddington at the Geographical Guild Headquarters

Toxic Nursery book review

Toxic Nursery by Carlie Martece

Toxic Nursery by Carlie Martece

Toxic Nursery is a semi-autobiographical novel by author and illustrator Carlie Martece. The book explores the human personality using personal accounts and blending them into a seemingly twisted melange of stories, observation and sarcasm.
Toxic Nursery is available from Amazon at £8.56 (£3.14 on Kindle) or if you frequent steampunk markets, you could pay the author directly. Carlie trades as part of the Traders of the Floating Market Guild. Continue reading

Splendid Big Hero 6 steampunk art work

Baymax - copyright Garlicbleningen

Baymax – copyright Garlicbleningen

An artist on Tumblr has posted several pictures of the main characters from Big Hero 6, the Japanese inspired animation released late 2014, in steampunk gear with a completely reworked robot Baymax as a steaming piston driven goliath. Continue reading


Image by Owen Carson

Image by Owen Carson

Have you heard of Solarpunk? It’s a futuristic subculture that looks forwards to a bright, shiny world. But where most future time-lines rely on technology and invention to bring humanity out of this pit of misery and murder, Solarpunk looks at people changing themselves and working with technology towards a better future. Essentially making the world a better place from the inside out.

Continue reading