Today’s youth have yesterday’s ideals

Kids of today, eh? Being all polite and not getting into.. er… trouble.. That’s what recent studies are revealing anyway. And if the hype is to be believed, then the younger generation – or Millenials – are employing Victorian principles to their way of life. Continue reading

Steampunk sequel to Oliver Twist gains momentum

Scene from Oliver Twist

Scene from Oliver Twist

An idea for a steampunk sequel to Oliver Twist – Charles Dicken’s famous story about a down and out boy who is really the son of a wealthy gentleman – has been completely redrafted from it’s previous version by none other than Cornetto Trilogy director Edgar Wright. Continue reading

Paddington film displays immense steampunk sorting machine

Paddington and Mr Brown at the Geographical Guild Headquarters

Paddington and Mr Brown at the Geographical Guild Headquarters

Have you seen the new Paddington film yet? I haven’t, but after a friend showed me the scene in the link below, I certainly will be doing now.

The scene shows Paddington and Mr Brown arrive at the rather splendid Geographical Guild Headquarters. They require assistance for something – which I’m sure watching the whole film will explain – and the lady behind the desk sets a massive operation into motion that involves massive lengths of brass piping to create a grand pneumatic tube system that runs along the entire area they’re in. Which is big.

The rest of the room is covered in portraits, marble, expensive carpets and two enormous globes, which can be seen in the background of the image above.

Sadly, I can’t add videos here. so please adjourn to YouTube to watch the scene by clicking on the link here: Paddington at the Geographical Guild Headquarters

Toxic Nursery book review

Toxic Nursery by Carlie Martece

Toxic Nursery by Carlie Martece

Toxic Nursery is a semi-autobiographical novel by author and illustrator Carlie Martece. The book explores the human personality using personal accounts and blending them into a seemingly twisted melange of stories, observation and sarcasm.
Toxic Nursery is available from Amazon at £8.56 (£3.14 on Kindle) or if you frequent steampunk markets, you could pay the author directly. Carlie trades as part of the Traders of the Floating Market Guild. Continue reading

2015 Steampunk Snowdown

Steampunk Snowdown 2015 poster art

Steampunk Snowdown 2015 poster art

Colorado can get pretty cold, so in Durango, they hold an annual event called Snowdown in order to get people out of their warm cosy homes and into the blistering cold. 2015 is the 37th year of Snowdown and with over 100 different events happening throughout the festival, there’s expect to be at least 10,000 people visit.

The theme for 2015 is steampunk and as such, Victorian science fiction will be heavily influencing the design of the events, the Light parade and the way people will dress when attending. The main aim is to have fun and there will be the Snowdown Jokedown, a Golf Tournament and a Hot Air Balloon Rally.

The festival begins on 28th January 2015 and concludes on February 1st.

Press release:

DURANGO, Colorado Going on its 37th continuous year, Snowdown Durango persists in promoting fun, commerce and tourism, in that order, for tens of thousands of participants. As has been typical of recent years, this year Snowdown boasts well over 100 events, which will all take place as a part of the Original Cabin Fever Reliever.

The theme, Steampunk Snowdown, will surely entertain and inspire magnificent props and costumes that convey a futuristic vision as imagined from the Victorian era. The annual Snowdown Light Parade attracts over 10,000 spectators to the streets of downtown Durango to steam-up the night and take part in the fun.

The light parade features amazing, theme-oriented light floats, performance art and costumes. Whether it’s the old favorite events like Outhouse Stuffing, The Snowdown Jokedown, and Outlaw Josie Pete’s Golf Tournament; or, some of the rated “F” for family fun events such as the Feline and Canine Fashion Show, The Snowdown Kids Follies or The Snowdown Hot Air Balloon Rally, everyone will want to be sure to join in the steampunk shenanigans, beginning on Wednesday, January 28th and continuing through Sunday, February 1st.

The annually changing themes of Snowdown Durango make this five-day festival truly one of a kind. Voted one of Outside Magazine’s top five winter carnivals in North America, past themes have ranged from A Jolly Roger Snowdown (pirates) to Snowdown In Da Nile (Egyptian) and many, many more.

For complete details and more information please visit and like Snowdown Durango on Facebook.

Professor Elemental Comic issue 1 review


Yes, mine is signed. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know… etc

If you’ve not heard of Professor Elemental, then it’s entirely possible you may want to rethink your devotion to steampunk. I jest of course. He’s known for being quirky, hilarious, amiable and seems to have something against Ipswich. The good Professor has now released a series of comic books to document his life in a way that everyone can understand. Here, I’m reviewing the first installment of his comic series which is currently up to three issues and expanding rapidly.

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Museum supporting steampunk wins Person of the Year

As punks, we’re all accustomed to breaking the rules; not conforming to what those rum coves in office say we have to do! One thing I’m proud of as a dweller of Sheffield is that it has the only building in the UK that has an ASBO. Simply because ASBO’s are only for people and this broke conformity. Thankfully, the nightclub has since closed, but the sense of obscure pride is still there. Continue reading