Asylum secure for next 5 years


An email has just been sent out to interested parties that the Victorian Steampunk Society have secured plans with the City of Lincoln to ensure the survival of Weekend at the Asylum for at least the next five years. Continue reading

Poll: What would you do if steampunk ended tomorrow?

In this world of post apocalyptic films, dystopian stories, war, dredgery and misery; steampunk is a little shining light at the end of the week where we can put aside our differences, zip up the stuffy, ignorant commuter character we use through the week and be polite and splendid to one another for a few hours.

In a world of mindless sheep where everyone dresses the same to line the pockets of large fashion houses, we can make our own clothes or recycle old/vintage clothing to make it a unique costume which turns heads.

But what would you do if steampunk ended tomorrow? There’s no explanation why or how, but just imagine it ended tomorrow. What would you do? How would you fill your life?

Moving buildings

The Migrant Skyscraper from Yanko Design.

The Migrant Skyscraper from Yanko Design.
Designers: Damian Przybyła by Rafał Przybyła

The World on a Wheel: Moving Buildings in Steampunk
One of the great joys of steampunk lies in making everything a bit more mechanical. Whether it’s a steam powered prosthetic arm, a gun with extra pistons down the sides, or just jewellery made of gears and levers, everything’s better with a little layer of nineteenth century technology.

When it comes to mechanising, it doesn’t get much bigger than buildings. But the buildings of the Victorian era were already starting to be filled with mechanisms. So how can we take this further and make steampunk buildings really distinctive?

By making them move. Continue reading

Countdown to Whitby Goth Weekend

Starting on October 31st and running for three days, there’s less than three weeks to go until Whitby Goth Weekend, where thousands of people will descend on the small coastal town. From Goths, Emos, Bikers and Metallers to Punks and steampunks; Whitby Goth Weekend is a hive of activity, people dressing up, showing off their costuming skills or simply meeting up with friends. Up until the start of the event, I’ll be posting various articles on what to expect, but please also read previous articles on how to conduct one’s self when photographing people. In this article, I’ve posted what articles I can about WGW. You can read them by clicking the links below.

October 31 is Goth weekend in Whitby.

October 31 is Goth weekend in Whitby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steampunks and servants

Back in August, I wrote an article in response to a rant on iO9 about how steampunks and other historical re-enactors only concentrate on the lighter, shinier side of the past and ignore the grimy, pestilence ridden side of it. You can read the article here.

In this article, Andrew Knighton considers the use of servants in a steampunk universe and ponders why they might not be present in stories. Continue reading

Apothecarium alternative craft fair at The Civic, Barnsley



The Panorama
29 November 2014
10am – 4pm
Free Admission

Apothecarium @ The Civic is a delicious addition to the South Yorkshire craft scene. Featuring a variety of different makers, this fair will concentrate on the alternative side of craft, encompassing all things gothic, steampunk, rock, punk and geek. Continue reading

Clockwork Universe: Steampunks vs Aliens

Clockwork Universe: Steampunks vs Aliens

Clockwork Universe: Steampunks vs Aliens

The local small press Zombies Need Brains LLC, founded by fantasy writer Joshua Palmatier, has returned with the release of its first anthology project, CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: STEAMPUNK vs ALIENS, and the start of its second anthology project Kickstarter, TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER.

After completing a successful kickstarter last summer for the anthology CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: STEAMPUNK vs ALIENS, we have since produced the anthology and it is now available in trade paperback from and ebook on the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Continue reading