Heresy n Heelz Alternative & Burlesque Fair birthday revisit

alternative & burlesque fair performer

Slinky Sparkles. Copyright photofairground, used with permission

I mentioned in the Journal’s birthday post that the Alternative & Burlesque Fair was my first official press event, so I thought it fitting that, as they were back in Sheffield so close to the anniversary, I would pay them another visit and I’m ever so glad that I did. Continue reading

What steampunk are you?

Playbuzz steampunk icon challenge

Playbuzz asks what icon of steampunk you are.


Sometimes I have the urge to categorise myself and on this particular occasion I tried to get some help. It seems there are a number of websites out there with the intention of helping you from finding out which steampunk icon you’re most like, to being able to take your own character test. Continue reading

Images from Steampunk Doncaster 2014

Image copyright

Image copyright


Here are a few photographs that I took while at Steampunk Doncaster. I’ve edited them and so there are only a few of the ones I took on the day (around 400). Some of you may not follow the Journal on Facebook where I’ve already posted these. Continue reading

Twelve of the most splendidly amusing steampunk memes

Grumpy Cat steampunk

Grumpy Cat doesn’t know steampunk

I enjoy looking at memes and I enjoy steampunk, so I decided it was time I forged a collection of the finest ones on the aethernet. You will find appearances from Darth Vader, Grumpy Cat and Fry from Futurama. Continue reading

Steampunk photographic workshop

Hannah Springs

Steampunk model, image copyright

Welshot Imaging are holding a steampunk photoshoot in October and if you’re interested in following in the footsteps of well known steampunk photographers such as Ruud De Korte, Gary Nicholls or Chuck Coleman, then this could be the opportunity for you. Continue reading

Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre preview

Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre

Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre

I posted on Facebook earlier that I have received four copies of Silver Mirror for review and to give away, thanks to Titan Publishing that sent them. Continue reading

Illustrated Guide to the Elements vol. 2

Jenna Whyte book

Jenna Whyte’s Illustrated Guide to the Elements Vol 2

The delightful Jenna Whyte got in touch with me recently to tell me about her new book, The Illustrated Guide to the Elements vol 2.This second book has more illustrations of the elements portrayed as Victorian women. Continue reading

Steampunk side-car

Copyright Marco Furnaletto

Steampunk side-car

I first saw this side-car on Facebook from a post by the facially elusive Captain Constance Bashford. It’s designed by Italian 3D artist Marco Furlanetto. His website is currently undergoing maintenance but I managed to harvest a few photographs from AutoEvolution and the article they covered on his work. Continue reading

National Railway Museum Invasion 2014

steampunk at the NRM York

National Railway Museum Invasion (York)

The National Railway Museum (York) Invasion was a sterling success. 109 steampunks attended in total and because of a faulty fire drill, we were all crammed into the Station Hall where we were treated to trains and carriages of the past. Continue reading

Steampunk Journal attending National Railway Museum Invasion

National Railway Museum royal trains at York

Image from National Railway Museum website

I’ll be heading on over to the National Railway Museum Invasion on Sunday February 9th in York, so if you’re going along, be sure to tip your hat.

I’ll be reporting on the day and hopefully taking some pictures, but I always love to see photographs from more established steampunks. If you’d like to contribute some pictures, be sure to say hello and get a business card from me.

The groups will be amassing around the Royal trains at around 11am. We will be having a wander around before going into York for some shopping. There is a photo shoot at 1pm where the turntable is.

Some shops have offered discount for steampunks, so make sure you have a good read through the Facebook page for any that are on offer.

National Railway Museum Invasion Facebook page

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