Steampunks are too clever for big businesses

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Professor Elemental. Not silly at all.

I read with interest, an article by Professor Elemental that he wrote for Airship Ambassador and the Steampunk Hands Around the World project. In it, he mentioned that he thought steampunk had got a little bit too serious and that we all should release our inherent silliness. Continue reading

What does steampunk mean to you?

stfashion1I recently posted an article about the rules of steampunk and how there’s more and more versions of what steampunk is. This can be quite confusing for the newcomer to steampunk and even more so if the information is biased or incorrect. Continue reading

Steampunk News round up 04/03/2015



Edit desk: Sorority women still living under Victorian era standards
Brown and White
For many sorority women, a typical night consists of getting rides to a fraternity’s off-campus house, partying there and then maybe “party-hopping” to…

Artistic view of technology’s impact
Parramatta Sun
It is an acrylic-on-canvas ”steampunk” work that the James Ruse Agricultural College student said she used to explore our gradual progression…

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to be staged at UW-Parkside
Journal Times
The steampunk “Midsummer Night’s Dream” is directed by American Players Theatre actor Matt Schwader. In a steampunk world, where a duke can…

Been to Victor Lately? Spring 2015
The Mountain Jackpot
April 24-26, Victor Steampunk Festival: Visit Victor as it is taken over by Steampunks from all realms of time and space! Celebrate the Victorian era and…


Fallout 4 information leak includes steampunk weapons

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Fallout 4 Concept art

According to, an advertising executive has slipped out some information by accident about the fourth installment of Fallout. Continue reading

Steampunk News round up 02/03/2015


GalaxyFest returns to Colorado Springs: ‘Think of Comic-Con but a whole lot more’
Colorado Springs Gazette
People will be dressed up as any kind of character, from steampunk to superhero to zombies, to whatever you want to dress up as,” said Michael Bliss

Feel the earth shake and hear the grinding of gears as the enormous automaton wreaks havoc on civilization in the new Giant Steampunk Robot…

Arizona Opera Incorporates Steampunk Style In Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’
Since the beginning, it has had a fairy tale feel, but Arizona Opera’s take brings steampunk into the mix — sort of like dropping in the influence of H.G. Wells

Aquarium Steampunk Reading Room to close March 15
Remy Chevalier stands inside his Aquarium Steampunk Reading room on Knight St. in Norwalk with thousands of…

Unusual sea creature washes up in Hollywood
Sun Sentinel
It turns out the creature was not a giant squid but a large octopus of a class called the pelagic blanket octopus, probably the species Tremoctopus

Iron Man Style Steampunk Gauntlets: From Tony Stark’s Arm-ory
Technabob (blog)
Imagine if Tony Stark was creating his Iron Man armor in the 1800s. He would come up with something like these steampunk gauntlets for sure.


Steampunk News round up 07/02/2015

VIDEO: Author Edits Preview For First Collections of Steampunk Sherlock Holmes Manga
Crunchyroll News
The first volume of Akuto -ACT- team Daisuke “Sai” Ihara and Hitotsu Yokoshima’s Gunlock manga was released in Japan today, and to promote it, the…

Who Wants a Steampunk Gameboy?
Visual News
It does look kinda cool – so the next time you find yourself at a steampunk party and it starts to lag, just bust out your gameboy and play some Tetris…

Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Star Trek stars coming to Southampton
Daily Echo
The theme of the ball is Steampunk, which is a subgenre of sci-fi or fantasy which involves aspects of steam-powered machinery from the 19th century.

Original music thrives in Daytona Beach at MainStreet Live
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Northeast Florida musician Steampunk Stace may get the prize for the festival’s most unusual instrument: He’ll perform John Renbourn/Michael…

3D Printed Wimshurst Machine
Steampunk extraordinaire [Jake von Slatt] has released his latest creation. This time he’s built a Wimshurst machine from mostly 3D printed parts.

Columns | Cambridge Curiosity Cabinet: How to spot Victorian fakery
The Cambridge Student
There is no need to belittle the Victorians for their copying of old styles, as the newer buildings are quite pretty in their own right. But it is amusing to …

Steampunk hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Steampunk loft lighting system

Steampunk loft lighting system

Because of the recent ever increasing arguments on what is and isn’t steampunk on social media, I’ve taken a more black and white approach to it. As far as I’m concerned, if you think and say it’s steampunk, then it’s steampunk; if you don’t, it’s not.

That is until something like the Steampunk loft featured on airbnb gets thrown into the equation. You see, the owner describes it as steampunk and it has strong steampunk elements to it. So why am I questioning it? Continue reading