Steampunk photographic workshop

Hannah Springs

Steampunk model, image copyright

Welshot Imaging are holding a steampunk photoshoot in October and if you’re interested in following in the footsteps of well known steampunk photographers such as Ruud De Korte, Gary Nicholls or Chuck Coleman, then this could be the opportunity for you. Continue reading

National Railway Museum Invasion 2014

steampunk at the NRM York

National Railway Museum Invasion (York)

The National Railway Museum (York) Invasion was a sterling success. 109 steampunks attended in total and because of a faulty fire drill, we were all crammed into the Station Hall where we were treated to trains and carriages of the past. Continue reading

Steampunks Take Shelter!

Steampunks Take Shelter

Image copyright Alison McGovern. Used with permission

Alison McGovern is an administrator for the Cottonopolis Coglective and has been very kind to supply me with some words and pictures for the jaunt out to Stockport‘s Air Raid shelters. Continue reading

Interview with Jo Neal from Leeds Steampunk Market

Leeds steampunk Market

Jo Dee Neal – Leeds Steampunk Market organiser.

While visiting the Leeds Steampunk Market as part of the 1000 people who attended over the weekend, I managed to track down Jo Neal, the organiser. You may have spotted her as the tall, slim lady with the pirate hat and moving at a speed that not even a pair of hydraulic leg enhancers could catch up with. However, at the end of the day, I managed to pull her to one side and while we had a cup of tea (no cake as it had all sold out – thanks, steampunks), she told me all about what it’s like to organise the market, the people they have attending and how much she harasses people. Continue reading