The Weekend at Asylum VI report

Lincoln Cathedral viewed from Bailgate

Lincoln Cathedral viewed from Bailgate

This year was the first time I’ve attended Asylum and I didn’t quite know what to expect. After I published the rundown of the programme, it gave me a clearer indication of what to expect, but only getting there would unveil the true scale of the spectacular. Continue reading


There’s a lot to do this weekend at the Asylum. What will you do? Along with all other attendees, I’ve received a programme, but maybe you’re not going this year and want to know what’s happening or you may be planning to go next year and want to know what it’s like. Bookmark Steampunk Journal as I’ll be covering the Asylum after the event. I might even update you as it happens. Continue reading

Two days until Asylum – the wait is nearly over

Image by Erik Brede

Image by Erik Brede

The wait for Asylum is almost over and social media platforms are alight with questions, suggestions and sneak previews of costumes. It promises to be a spectacular display of splendid ladies and gentlemen in their finery. If this is your first time at Asylum, then check back tomorrow for a run down on the program.

Three days remain until Asylum – take pictures the right way

Image by Lauren Davidson

Image by Lauren Davidson

With Asylum nearly here, the talk has already turned to the photographers that harrass and annoy everyone. The ones that see an event as a way for them to get some free photographs. While many steampunks are happy to have their photograph taken, not all are. ALWAYS ASK FIRST and you should respect their wishes if they say no.

I wrote an article for Whitby Goth Weekend as they have a terrible time with it. Have a read if you’re thinking of taking a camera and pass this round to anyone you know who may be doing the same:

Being a splendid photographer: The problem with photographers

Tony Bate from ToCan media and organiser of Steampunk Doncaster wrote a marvellous article on being asked to pose for photographers AFTER events. You can read that here: Tips on staying safe outside of events

Four days remaining until Asylum VI

Film still from Asylum BlackoutIt will be my first time at Asylum and I’m there on behalf of Steampunk Journal, so please make sure you say hello. I like taking pictures of people, but sometimes feel a little shy to ask, so please feel free to offer as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

There may be still tickets available. Why not take a look here:

Asylum VI ticket website

Tips on staying safe when modelling outside of events

Copyright photofairground, used with permission

Group Captain Tony “Bootstrap” Bates

Tony Bates is the Group Captain of Steampunk Doncaster and he’s taken time to draw on his vast experience to give us all a few guidelines when arranging photography shoots outside of steampunk events. Continue reading

Images from The Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Sheffield July 2014

Ahead of my article about the Alternative & Burlesque Fair that I revisited in Sheffield, here are 63 pictures featuring a dance from burlesque performer Slinky Sparkles and pole art from Dance Blush studios.