Steampunk Surgical Spirit


I visited the Leeds Christmas Steampunk Market on the 7th December. It was located in the Thackray Medical Museum. A much more interesting place than the location it was held last year.
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Cirque du Soleil take on steampunk

cirque_de_soleil_kuriosA few photographs have been posted of the new Cirque du SoleilKurios” act which is laden with steampunk reference including a man as a steam train and a gargantuan brass hand. Continue reading

First pictures of Steampunk Freddy shoot

Copyright James Morgan, used with permission

Copyright James Morgan, used with permission

As many of you will be aware, I recently began my new character based on the 1980’s horror icon Freddy Krueger. I recently got in touch with a local photography group who had attended Whitby Goth Weekend and asked if they would like to arrange a shoot of Steampunk Freddy. Continue reading

Lincoln Asylum to be turned into coffee roasting house

wpid-8302.jpgAccording to a BBC news story yesterday, the asylum in Lincoln has been bought by Stokes – a 112 year old coffee company based in Lincoln – with the intention of turning it into a coffee roasting house and visitor attraction. Continue reading

The rules of steampunk

steampunk_girls_5There are no rules to steampunk, and it’s arguably mentioned daily somewhere on a steampunk forum or Facebook page. So why do some people feel compelled to tell everyone what steampunk is and isn’t? Continue reading

Steampunk model gets trouble for not being steampunk enough

Back in July this year, steampunk model Amy Wilder attended the San Diego Comic Convention wearing a gold bikini, coupled with a gun, holster, short jacket and obligatory goggles. Since then she’s had a lot of flak about whether the outfit was steampunk or not. Continue reading

Countdown to Whitby Goth Weekend

Starting on October 31st and running for three days, there’s less than three weeks to go until Whitby Goth Weekend, where thousands of people will descend on the small coastal town. From Goths, Emos, Bikers and Metallers to Punks and steampunks; Whitby Goth Weekend is a hive of activity, people dressing up, showing off their costuming skills or simply meeting up with friends. Up until the start of the event, I’ll be posting various articles on what to expect, but please also read previous articles on how to conduct one’s self when photographing people. In this article, I’ve posted what articles I can about WGW. You can read them by clicking the links below.

October 31 is Goth weekend in Whitby.

October 31 is Goth weekend in Whitby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)