Savant – Kali 47 music video features steampunk Native Americans

Savant - Kali 47 single cover

Savant – Kali 47 single cover

I’ve just watched the music video for Kali 47 from Savant. It’s an incredible, gory, special effects heavy film that features a bar brawl between steampunk cowboys and three demonic skeletal cowboys.

Bar Fight with weapons

Bar Fight with weapons

The moves are amazing, the weaponary is stunning and is that a Brute Force bionic arm I see?

Cut to the local Native American tribe and they are even sporting welding goggles (more for recognition, than actually fixing something with a welder).

The choreography is fantastic, the effects are stunning and the cinematography is sublime.

Take a look at it now on YouTube by following this link: Savant – Kali 47 music video

Today’s youth have yesterday’s ideals

Kids of today, eh? Being all polite and not getting into.. er… trouble.. That’s what recent studies are revealing anyway. And if the hype is to be believed, then the younger generation – or Millenials – are employing Victorian principles to their way of life. Continue reading

Dutch designer makes the most steampunk lamp ever

Ambio features bioluminescent bacteria to create a natural light

Ambio features bioluminescent bacteria to create a natural light

There are a plethora of steampunk designers out there that will do their best to outstrip the competition and make their products more steampunk than the rest. But it has taken Teresa van Dongen – a designer from Amsterdam – to make the most truly steampunk lamp.
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Steampunk sequel to Oliver Twist gains momentum

Scene from Oliver Twist

Scene from Oliver Twist

An idea for a steampunk sequel to Oliver Twist – Charles Dicken’s famous story about a down and out boy who is really the son of a wealthy gentleman – has been completely redrafted from it’s previous version by none other than Cornetto Trilogy director Edgar Wright. Continue reading

Marvellous Japanese steampunk tinkerer

Frisk_P garter heart rate monitor

Frisk_P garter heart rate monitor

It’s nice when I stumble on incredible steampunk work, especially when the inventor has a sense of humour. In order to maintain decorum and to remain gentlemen, we have to refrain from possible exposure to ladies that are unsuitably clothed. It’s one thing secretly noticing the turn of a pretty ankle, but to see leg right up to the garter could see you laying down in the front room with a cold flannel on your forehead.

wpid-img_20150123_234509.jpgThankfully, Twitter user Frisk_P has come up with a suitable invention that will make sure that gentlemen who have a dicky ticker won’t be caught unawares. He’s combined a lady’s garter with a heart rate monitor. Let’s face, the sight of a lady’s thigh is enough to set even the most resolute of pulses racing, so this invention is perfect for such an occasion.

Feel free to take a look at Frisk_P on Twitter. His link is here: @Frisk_P Twitter

It should be noted that unless you can read Japanese, you’ll need a Translation tool to help.

Texas State Railroad starts steampunk event to increase footfall

Texas State Railroad steam train

Texas State Railroad steam train

The Texas State Railroad has seen healthy growth over the last 12 months and now for 2015 they intend to grow it even further.

They have five different events going on through the year, with the most interesting being the three day steampunk weekend. There will be four trains that you can choose to ride on including the Steampunk Photo Train, Victorian High Tea Train, Victorian Dinner Train and Victorian Brunch Train.

Janet Gregg, the Marketing and PR Manager for Texas State Railroad said: ““Our goal is to make this railroad stable and growing not only for today, but for its long-term future,”

We want this railroad to be here long after all of us are gone. And we want those future riders to enjoy it as much as today’s riders do.”

For more information and contact details, visit the STRR website here: Texas State Railroad website

New wine tasting room employs steampunk aesthetic

Coastview Vineyard steampunk inspired label

Coastview Vineyard steampunk inspired label

A new wine tasting room is opening in the Carmel Valley area, taking the total wine tasting rooms to 23 in the local area. Based at the Coastview Vineyard (Carmel Valley, CA), the room has been designed with a gentle push towards steampunk without being too immersive – if the photos on the Monterey County Weekly website are anything to go by.

The wines feature a label in brown and gold with a hot air balloon flanked by old maps of the globe.

There’s a grand opening on January 31st, but the tasting room is already open and in full swing.

For more information, you can visit the company website by following this link: Coastview Vineyard