The White Wolf – A new adventure from The League of S.T.E.A.M.

white_wolfThe White Wolf is the eighth episode in the webseries that was originally funded on Kickstarter. It departs from the usual visually entertaining and comedic routine, taking on a serious edge with a more Western cinematic feel.

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Is Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis the most adorable Octopus?

Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis

Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis

In even more Octopus news, you might have seen recent reports on a new species that’s been discovered. The Octopus in the image above is one of twelve that have been studied and so far they’ve all been female. Continue reading

The House of Sable Locks book review

House of Sable Locks book cover

House of Sable Locks book cover

The cover and the preamble makes no bones about this novel being heavy on the “dark passions” side of things. It promises this is going to be a heady mix of sexual exploration with over tones of S&M, strange desires, horror and possibly a whodunit, in a steampunk milieu. Continue reading

Steaming drunk

Steampunk drunk

Steampunk drunk

Sadly, steampunk isn’t always about having a lot of fun, doing good deeds and being a good role model. There are times when the culture gets bad press, such as in the case of Bradley Nelson from Ypsilanti – a city in  Michigan – who was stopped by the Michigan State Police on his way back from a steampunk event on March 28th. Nelson was so drunk that he fell under the state’s “Super Drunk” law that gives out stiffer punishments. Continue reading

Steampunk’d begins production

Steampunk'd is currently in production and will air in the US late summer

Steampunk’d is currently in production and will air in the US late summer

You may or may not have heard about the new television show starting production in America called Steampunk’d. Thankfully not an Ashton Kutcher-esque practical joke show, but a design and art show with a heavy theme of steampunk running through it. It is to be hosted by Jeannie Mai. Continue reading

Steampunk Assassin’s Creed?

assassins_creed_steampunkOver at Lazygamer, they’ve speculated whether the next installment could have more of a steampunk theme to it. Throughout the series, the protagonist has been jumping around in history like some kind of lethal Sam Beckett and the latest edition sees us in Victorian London. Originally thought to be called Victory, Ubisoft have actually gone for the name Syndicate.

The name is inspired loosely from the plot as you team up with a band of underground criminals in London to fight the Templars who are taking control of the city from the Monarchy and Church. Set in 1868, the assassins are all but extinct. Jacob and his sister Evie are the main characters and you can play as either. Jacob is a brash fighter while Evie is the sneaking one.

Assassin's Creed: Victory game still via kotaku.comThe reasoning behind Lazygamer’s suspicions lie in a teaser image which was sent to them on May 8th, just before the announcement from Ubisoft on May 12th. It featured the crossed hands displaying the hidden blade in the right hand, while the left held a cane with a bird’s head as the topper (now revealed to be a hidden sword) and a knuckle duster. Lazygamer suggest that the additional leather and the valve on top of the gauntlet suggest a steer towards steampunk. However, with steampunk being a wholly historically inaccurate genre, it would sway into alternate realities and I don’t think that’s what Assassin’s Creed is about. Yes it’s a made up story, but the surroundings are completely accurate while adding steampunk would send it off at such a tangent it would be more akin to being a spin off.

Since then we’ve seen some images and such and I don’t think it is steampunk. They will likely have inventions that weren’t around which is essentially what steampunk is about, but I think it will lack the science fiction element that we also include.