Mini unveils new futuristic steampunk driving goggles

Mini have developed steampunk goggles for driving improvement

Mini Augmented Vision system goggles

Mini has showcased a new development to driving which takes the driving experience into the future while making you look as though you’re in the past.The BMW owned company say that the new MAV goggles are just what every driver needs. Continue reading

Hendrick’s Gin launch The Flying Cucumber dirigible

Hendrick's Gin dirigible "The Flying Cucumber"

Hendrick’s Gin dirigible “The Flying Cucumber”

NEW YORK, USA – Hendrick’s Gin is launching Hendrick’s Air. This new ambitious venture will commence with its flagship (and only) air craft: a massive dirigible christened The Flying Cucumber.

“We have been continually surprised by the odd popularity of our unusual cucumber-infused gin,” explained Hendrick’s National Brand Ambassador Jim Ryan, “So taking on the challenge of air travel seemed like the next logical step.”

Positioning itself against ordinary modes of travel, which Mr. Ryan stated “have devolved into a mundane state of expeditious predictability,” Hendrick’s Air will launch its fleet based on a single and majestic dirigible.  In contrast to the hub-and-spoke structure of conventional airlines, all Hendrick’s Air flights will depart and arrive from the same point, which Mr. Ryan explains, “emphasizes the excitement of the flying experience itself.  As we see it, flying in excess of 500 miles per hour becalmed by such conveniences as in-flight TV and noise-canceling headphones feels no different than sitting in one’s living room. We are offering a return to the true glamour of flight.”

The 130-foot long, 44-foot tall Flying Cucumber is adorned with a giant “eye in the sky” which exudes both whimsy and a dashing sense of purpose.  It will launch with a coast-to-coast voyage beginning in April and culminating in August, granting expeditionary flights to fellow unusualists in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, South Florida, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Ann Arbor, Indianapolis, and Chicago.

The carrier’s cucumber motif and insistence on dirigible flight were inspired by the gin’s most prominent note of flavor – namely its infusion of cucumber essence (all the world over, Hendrick’s & Tonics are served with slices of cucumber rather than the perfunctory lime.)

The Hendrick’s dirigible has been engineered to follow what Ryan describes as “a slow and low” flight pattern, maintaining a “civilized speed of 35 mph.” The Flying Cucumber’s sub-1000-foot cruising altitude allows for what Mr. Ryan termed “an invigorating view of the marvels below.”

Follow the misadventures and triumphs of Hendrick’s Air at,,, and (#FlyingCucumber & #HendricksGin).

Steampunk leg wearer is told she “should be ashamed”

prosthetic_legA lady in Nova Scotia received a note on her car saying she “should be ashamed” of parking in a disabled parking spot because she had been seen and filmed walking normally from her car. What the person who wrote the note didn’t know was that Natasha Hope-Simpson was in fact wearing a prosthetic leg after she’d lost hers in a hit and run incident. In an interview with CBC, Natasha explained how she normally parked in an easy access spot but it wasn’t always available. She has an Accessible Parking Permit hanging in her window, but that didn’t stop the anonymous neighbour from getting out their pitchfork and torch. I’ve copied the note here including the Canadian/American spellings, poor language skills and bad grammar:



Not wanting her disability stop her leading a splendid life, Natasha worked hard at first learning to wear and walk on the prosthesis, then to perfect her walk so that people wouldn’t know she was wearing it. Natasha is very calm about it all and is actually flattered by the note. She told CBC: “I’m kind of flattered about that, because I’ve been working pretty hard on my walk to make it look natural.” It’s easy to misjudge people because able bodied people tend to have a stereotypical view of disabilities that they have to be obviously noticeable. There are lots of disabilities that aren’t entirely clear and we really need to keep that in mind. Natasha wears a steampunk style covering over her leg which is made by Canadian based Alleles Design Studio. Her model is the Imperialist and retails from $425. They also do a lovely looking Octopus option.

Steampunk is NOT Victorian Science Fiction

"One does not simply" meme


This article is one of several that are an attempt to address the problems within the steampunk community. These problems are not the doing of steampunks who enjoy the culture, but of those who wish to only make profit from it.

It’s a common misconception that steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction. I fully believed this misconception until I discovered what I believe to be the truth. I believe this because it makes a lot more logical sense. This description of steampunk has been hidden under a veil of deceit by clever people who simply want to further their own career. It’s done by convincing you that their opinion of steampunk is the correct opinion and removing any that disagree. Continue reading

Steampunks are too clever for big businesses

copyright photofairground

Professor Elemental. Not silly at all.

I read with interest, an article by Professor Elemental that he wrote for Airship Ambassador and the Steampunk Hands Around the World project. In it, he mentioned that he thought steampunk had got a little bit too serious and that we all should release our inherent silliness. Continue reading

Interview with Kirstie Williams of CuriousCephalopods

Copyright Kirstie Williams, used with permission

Copyright Kirstie Williams, used with permission

I may have been tempting fate by getting in touch with someone who uses the word Cephalopod in their company name (I already spelled it wrong just then – thank you spell checker). But I have an affection for Octopuses, so when I saw some of the work coming from CuriousCephalopod (did it again) I had to get in touch and find out more about these wonderful pieces of art. Continue reading

Interview with New Zealand’s Capital! Steampunk group

Stanley is Sir Hawthorne's entry in the Teapot Racing

Stanley is Sir Julius Hawthorne’s entry in the Teapot Racing

You all remember Tea Bombing and how everyone was going to try it, but never did? Well recently I became aware of arguably the best steampunk past-time in the world. Teapot Racing is a sport seemingly exclusive to the Wellington steampunk group “Capital! Steampunks”. Having raced radio controlled cars when I was around 15 years old, I was fascinated by what it entailed, so I got in touch with Col. Sir Julius Hawthorne – administrator of the group – to ask him all about it. This is an interview that you’ll really enjoy.

Continue reading