British Library Publishing Division Victorian titles

Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures Underground

Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures Underground

After I published the article yesterday about the Victorian book Advice for Single Ladies by Haydn Brown I decided to see what else was available from the British Library Publishing Division.
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Petzval (D)SLR lens from the Lomographic Society

Petzval lens isometric view

Petzval lens isometric view

The Lomographic Society and Zenit have teamed up to present a gorgeous new accessory for your photography. The Petzval lens is a redesigned version of the original Petzval from 1840. It’s a beautiful brass tube with modern lens elements and a mount to fit Nikon F and Canon EF SLR and DSLR. No communication is made from lens to camera and even the aperture uses the old Waterhouse system.

It looks a little weird on the end of a DSLR, but isn’t that what steampunk is all about? Not to mention that the actual development of this lens is steampunk essence in itself. The designs come from a Victorian lens with modern lens technology in an old fashioned design.

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Fans clamour for University Professor’s next steampunk novel

Image from DeMontford University

Book Launch for Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan

Rod Duncan, who teaches Creative Writing at DMU, in Leicester, has attracted a growing fan base after the debut novel in his series – called The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter – was nominated for the prestigious Philip K Dick Award and earned plaudits from critics in the UK and the US. Continue reading

Victorian dating book is surprisingly accurate today

Advice for Single Women by Haydn Brown

Advice for Single Women by Haydn Brown

A book that was written in the Victorian era by a relatively unknown author has been republished by the British Library Publishing Division. It’s now enjoying a flurry of interest because the advice given actually links well to singletons in modern day Britain.
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The Octopus can use it’s skin to see

The Two-Spot Octopus (this is a hatchling) was used in the research

The Two-Spot Octopus (this is a hatchling) was used in the research

I’m forever amazed at the Octopus. Regarded as one of steampunk’s “Mascots”, the Cephalopod doesn’t just bear a striking resemblance to everyone’s favourite Elder God. Continue reading

Victorian festival celebrates launch of wooden Stonehenge

Image copyright Liverpool Echo

Wood Henge in Liverpool is to have a Victorian party. Obviously.

If all else fails, you can call on the Victorians to provide a good ol’ knees up. A wooden replica of Stonehenge has been built in Princes Park, Liverpool and to mark the opening of it, did they hold a Druid or Pagan celebration? No, they had a Victorian festival instead.
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Are Steampunk and Dieselpunk intertwined?

Sky Captain

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

On 20th May, there was a special big screen showing of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Frequently, this can be misconstrued as a steampunk title on Facebook pages. Continue reading