Interview with Curtis Allen – Steampunk illustrator

Copyright Curtis Allen, used with permission

The Original St Valentine’s Day Cogginton card

Curtis Allen is a UK based illustrator. He lives in Birmingham and has been drawing for as long as he can remember and interestingly, even at a young age, had a tendency to draw things that were broken. In his Steampunk Journal interview, he tells us of his inspirations, aspirations and how a favourable comment from Professor Elemental (he gets everywhere) validated his work. Continue reading

From Kaos, comes superb photography

Copyright Johnny Kaos, used with permission

Copyright Johnny Kaos, used with permission

I’ve been contacted by a young gentleman by the rather curious name of Johnny Kaos. He’s a photographer who wanted to show off his work to the wider world and chose Steampunk Journal as the means to do it. Continue reading

How to proclaim yourself King of Steampunk

This is a really interesting project for me, because there are plenty of people in the world who have recognised themselves as steampunks long before I did. So why does that make me the person to write guidelines on the subject? Continue reading

Does he take sugar?

spartaIt’s terribly easy on the internet to forget that the lines of text you’re reading on your computer is actually written by a person. It’s only a screen of red, green and blue light emitting dots, so what does it matter if you say what you like, screaming about it not being steampunk? But when you say something isn’t steampunk, you’re doing two things; Continue reading

Star Wars day

Copyright by Greg Peltz

I say! Fetch me my bleep bloop whirr, dear boy

I love Star Wars and as December approaches at an excruciatingly slow pace, we now find ourselves at May the Fourth – Star Wars day. Continue reading

Concerning steampunks

Steampunk is a wonderful culture that is more of a movement than a fashion statement and more of a way of life than a hobby. Being a steampunk means becoming part of a global community where Victorian principles of politeness and etiquette are blended with 21st century tolerance and acceptance. To be a steampunk means to be splendid to everyone. There’s a wonderful array of people that enjoy steampunk. You don’t have to be from a particular somewhere, like a certain type of person or even be in the right skin. Hopefully your new journey through steampunk will be one filled with joy, laughter and cake. Continue reading


splatterpunk_sceneSplatterpunk is a literary sub-genre – or movement – that rebelled against the typical conformity of horror which is seen as mild by comparison. It was because of this tepid approach to horror that authors took descriptions of violence further and include scene of extreme violence, gore, mutilation and death. Continue reading