Steampunk News round up 27/02/2015

English: Lord Dufferin, in the regalia of the ...

English: Lord Dufferin, in the regalia of the Viceroy of India, Photo by Bourne and Shepherd of Calcutta. Nineteenth-century albumen print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first Lord Dufferin: the eclipse of a most eminent Victorian
The first Marquess of Dufferin and Ava is largely forgotten today – rotten luck for the great diplomat of the Victorian age. In the second half of the 19th… Continue reading

Steampunk News round up 26/02/2015

First-place finish is sweet reward for woman eyeing retirement after 30 years of cake decorating
Omaha World-Herald
She said she plans to use the same steampunk-Victorian theme, which featured a steampunk clock, a corset and a top hat, for her cakes in the finals. Continue reading

Gary Nicholls releases new images from the Imaginarium

copyright Gary Nicholls

Final design of the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls

I’ve been a big fan of Gary Nicholls‘ work ever since he first discussed his plan for the Imaginarium story to me a year ago. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at Asylum and seeing his vision unfold to rapturous acclaim. His attention to detail and determination to concluded this epic story is admirable. Here, he’s written for Steampunk Journal about the next chapter in the story and the introduction of a new character and good friend of mine. Continue reading

Steampunk News round up 24/02/2015

Hawthorn Building of De Montfort University.

Hawthorn Building of De Montfort University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fallout 4: Weapons Are Inspired By Steampunk Designs?
As much as Bethesda would like to keep Fallout 4 a secret, the Fallout fans always manage to find a way to learn more about the upcoming title.

Steampunk ‘invasion’ at National Railway Museum
The Press, York
Recent years have seen more than 100 Steampunk enthusiasts attend the NRM, dressed in a mixture of Victorian finery and mechanical clockwork…

The wicked wit of Victorian parents: The bizarre names of the 19th century
The wicked wit of Victorian parents: The bizarre names of the 19th century. JOHNNY Cash sang about A Boy Named Sue, but genealogy experts have…

The Order: 1886 – is this what people want from a new games console?
The Guardian
With its evocative representation of Victorian London, its interesting steampunk narrative and its cinematic sense of scale and pace, The Order: 1886…

The Order: 1886 reviewed — A beautiful, boring disappointment
Washington Post
Such is the allure of the Victorian era that it’s given rise to a branch of science fiction known as steampunk, from which Ready at Dawn‘s PlayStation 4

‘Magic Flute': Steampunk meets Magritte, 2/27-3/1
Rigazzi has moved the action to the century after Mozart’s in a pseudo-Victorian fantasia. Hence the steampunk: Think the Robert Downey Jr. version…

The novel twist that puts Leicester at the heart of an author’s steampunk world
Leicester Mercury
Rod Duncan is waiting in reception of the Clephan building at De Montfort University, writes Cat Turnell. The well-travelled author, who’s just finished…



Steampunk News round up 21/02/2015

Your taste of steampunk and Victorian themed news for the day. Including a negative review of The Order: 1886! (How dare they?)

Children enjoy the sights, sounds (and smells) of Victorian Manchester at Museum of Science and
Manchester Evening News
Families are also getting chance to delve into a Victorian sewer and make real slime in Goo in the Loo – a hands-on workshop revealing how the city’s…

Victorian Revivals
Apollo Magazine
From the February issue of Apollo: Ayla Lepine on the surge of interest in Victorian art in 21st-century London.

NEVERMORE Launches ‘Goth and Steampunk‘ Thursdays Today
Broadway World
NEVERMORE Launches ‘Goth and Steampunk‘ Thursdays Today NEVERMORE — The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe is…

Review: It looks great, but there’s not much to The Order: 1886
Dallas Morning News (blog)
The Order, at its core, is a third person shooter – fairly comparable to Gears of War in terms of overall gameplay style – with an interesting steampunk

Clockpunk Explained: Fantasy Author Releases New Tell-All Video
Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)
“Many fantasy fans are familiar with Steampunk and its icons of corsets, top hats, and welder goggles,” says Ms. Burke. “Clockpunk is the gentler…

Vintage meets visionary at Sacramento’s third annual Steampunk Emporium
Sactown Magazine (blog)
Blend the styles of earlier times with the imaginations of the cutting-edge this weekend at Sacramento’s Third Annual Steampunk Emporium and Swap…


Steampunk News round up 20/02/2015


Atlanta Dragon Con Parade 2010

Atlanta Dragon Con Parade 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More steampunk – and some not so steampunk – news from around the world:

Mystery: A Russian Doll
Lakewood Observer
The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack by Mark Hodder is scheduled next, and has a bully strong steampunk flavor. If you are unsure of the meaning…

Farmington’s Off The Beaten Path closes up shop
Palland’s inspiration for Off The Beaten Path was her interest in the Steampunk genre, which she once described as a melding of science fiction and…

Florence City Council OKs street closure for Steampunk Festival
Canon City Daily Record
FLORENCE: During its meeting Monday, the Florence City Council approved a street closure for a Steampunk Festival from 6 a.m. April 11 to 7 p.m…

The top 10 oddest Victorian Christian names from Friendless to One Too Many
A list of the most hilarious names from the 19th century has been unearthed by experts who revealed a baby born in 1870 was called ‘One Too Many’…

Get ready to cross time with AnachroCon Feb. 27-March 1
Get your bustles, corsets, top hats and other gear ready. It is almost time for AnachroCon, Atlanta‘s steampunk, time travel, and alternate history…

Network Rail destroys Wiltshire Victorian bridge and replaces it with metal ‘monstrosity’
Daily Mail
Now that peace is shattered – after the railway crossing was replaced with a lurid green ‘tin can’. Villagers are furious with Network Rail, which tore…


Steampunk News round up 19/02/2015

New coaster will have a steampunk theme

New coaster will have a steampunk theme

‘Skin Deep Sea’ puts steam in a titillating steampunk fairytale
Minneapolis Star Tribune
‘Skin Deep Sea’ puts steam in a titillating steampunk fairytale that removes it from the reality of steampunk fantasy and puts it into the orbit of reality TV.

Twisted Colossus on Track for Spring Opening
Six Flags Magic Mountain officials say Twisted Colossus is on track for its spring opening complete with a new revamped steampunk area. “I’d say…

Karaski: What Goes Up… Slavic-Steampunk RPG Unraveling a Plot Onboard an Airship!
Hello Fellow GameDevs! I’d like to introduce you to my second upcoming indie game, which just released its first Gameplay Trailer and launched…