Photographer shows Modern Sheffield as it would look 100 years ago

Botanical Gardens, Sheffield
© Matt Grayson – photofairground

A Sheffield photographer has began selling modern photographs of Sheffield shown as though the pictures themselves are turn of the century.

By applying special filters to the photographs, they take on the appearance of 19th and early 20th century images such as wet plate, Calotype and Daguerrotype.

“The vintage trend has never been more popular with styles such as shabby chic, retro and steampunk all leading the way, giving us a glimpse of how yesterday would look if it was today” said Matt Grayson, owner of photofairground. “With the Olde Fashioned style of photographs, I wanted to show landmarks of my hometown as they’d look if photography had never gone digital. Ironically, I use digital effects to create this. I love the fusion of new with old and think that it really sets off modern buildings that can look too stark with the clinical results of a digital image.”

His inspiration rests in vintage photography and old fashioned styles. He’s been interested in the past most of his life, from the medieval times, to as recent as the 1950s. “I love to see the past mixed in with the present. I’m also keen on the steampunk movement. I love the futuristic element, but with all the airs and graces of the past.”

It all started in March 2013 when he photographed Chap-Hop artist Professor Elemental as he performed at the IVFDF (Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival) at Sheffield University. “I simply emailed and asked him if I could photograph him. Being the decent sort that he is, he said yes. The gig was great and my first pictures that I converted to Olde Fashioned were done on those. After that, I wondered what the rest of my photographs would look like, so I started a project.”

Professor Elemental by Matt Grayson
© Matt Grayson – photofairground

Pictures of Professor Elemental, other portraits and Sheffield in the Olde Fashioned style are for sale starting at £30 for a 12×10. Simply email for more details.

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield
© Matt Grayson – photofairground
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