Steampunk described by an outsider

Arguably, the funniest review of steampunk I’ve read. She sounds like quite a character.


Steampunk Fashion - Daniel Proulx Autoportrait...
Steampunk Fashion – Daniel Proulx Autoportrait Steampunk Jewelry Designer (Photo credit: Catherinette Rings Steampunk)


Without looking anything up, here’s what I (think I) know about steampunks: They seem like people who liked Nine Inch Nails’Closer” video about four million times more than I did (and I liked it okay except for the sad parts with the monkey, which I hated). They are into old-timey Victorian clothing but with an industrial-age/apocalyptic twist that displays in the form of huge metal goggles and magnifying glasses hanging off of waistcoats and shit. And, um, it’s because… olde ways are better than new ways? I agree to an extent with that, and I have also known the joy of walking around in period costume en masse (hello renaissance fairs of my youth), but the weird old time science stuff kind of throws me off… all the cranks and gears. Something to do with having to revert to the olde ways when the apocalypse comes… or something? I admit, the exact nature of the pursuit eludes me…


Read the rest on the blog here: Worst.Night.Ever: Steampunk edition

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