A steampunk wedding?

Further to my previous post about steampunk being the “word of the moment”, here’s an article in The Guardian about having a steampunk themed wedding. Apparently Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands and Batman are all steampunk. And I despise the word “movie”. We’re British, why can’t we simply watch a film?

Here’s an extract of the article with a link to the full piece below:

Cover of "Charlie and the Chocolate Facto...
A top hat means it’s steampunk, right? Cover via Amazon

“As a spin-off from last week’s topic of having a Victorian-themed wedding, this week I’ll be sharing with you the very popular trend of having a “steampunk-themed” wedding. This theme can be best described as “Victorian era science fiction.” Steampunk portrays the elegant and feminine aspects of Victorian era style but puts a modern and futuristic spin on it. It takes the look and feel of the 19th century into a fantasy realm that is more modernised than it actually was at the time—with steam-powered machines, flying contraptions and other types of mechanisation.

The “look” of a steampunk wedding is dark, whimsical and mysterious. It is also described as a mish-mash of Victorian, Gothic, Wild West, rock and vintage style. If you’ve watched and loved Tim Burton’s movies such as: Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland or Batman Returns, then you may have an inclination towards Steampunk!”

Via: The Guardian

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