Public Library holds steampunk minicon


July 31, 2013: What do you get when you mix the Victorian era with steam-power and throw in a little science fiction? You get a movement known as “steampunk.”

The Addison Township Public Library gave teens an introduction to the steampunk community with a steampunk minicon held at township hall on July 22. The convention included various speakers who explained the different aspects of steampunk and what it means to them. Teens were also given the opportunity to make steampunk-style jewelry, as well as ask questions and interact with featured guests.

Steampunk is generally considered to be a science fiction sub-genre. It usually features steam-powered machinery inspired by the Western world’s industrialization during the 19th century. Britain’s Victorian era and America’s Old West figure prominently in steampunk culture, fashion and stories.

While there are many different variations of and aspects to steampunk, the fun thing, as Ben Despard will tell you, is “there is no definition of steampunk.”

“It is whatever you put into it and whatever you take out of it,” he said. “Therefore, if you can justify why something is steampunk, it’s steampunk.”


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