Steampunk/Star Wars table lamp AT-SP

Steampunk table lamp
Steampunk table lamp

After the deluge of rubbish that seems to be appearing, it’s great to a see a truly beautiful piece of work being sold. This an AT-SP. It’s a steampunk version of the AT-ST “Chicken Walker” from Star Wars. It’s a table lamp with jointed legs, so it can crouch and swing around.

Yours for a mere £844.94

AT-SP steampunk table lamp
AT-SP steampunk table lamp

This unique two-legged walker is a hybrid of a mech and a steam engine. Hand-made and solidly built out of brass with months of tinkering, it contains a 12 V 10 W halogen spot bulb with a dimmer switch. The front opens on a hinge to allow replacement of the bulb.

The heavy brass boiler swings left and right, and also up and down. All joints are functional, allowing for different stances. The wiring runs hidden in the right leg, which is bolted to the stained and lacquered hardwood base. The left leg can be moved to any position. Shiny brass tubes run from the steam dome to an auxiliary tank and the dual steam cannon. Brass surfaces are chamically darkened with the edges sanded back for a spectacular display of contours. Coated with carnauba wax to preserve colours.

Dimensions: Base is 25 cm long and 14 cm wide (10 x 5.5 in). Standing upright, the robot is approximately 35 cm (14 in) tall to the tip of its antenna.

NOTE: The lamp runs on 12 V DC, and the base contains a regular DC power jack socket. I can provide a 230 V wall wart with European continental plug. US customers will need a proper 12 V adapter rated at least 850 mA.

Via: WWWorks Etsy page

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