Steampunk short story book delayed

Steampunk World cover
Steampunk World cover

Sarah Hans is an author with a dream. She dreams of an anthology of steampunk short stories wrapped up in a binding bearing the title: Steampunk World

However, her dreams have been quelled by authors promising work and then letting her down. She cannot get the project started on Kickstarter until she has enough work submitted. She possesses stories about white people on adventures, but she wants more stories about people and races overlooked by Western fiction.

On her blog; she says: “One problem I’m having is a dearth of stories by writers of color. I’ve invited some more writers of color in the hopes of achieving a better balance, but I could use some more. If you are (or know) a writer of color who might be appropriate for this project, please forward your (or their) name and email address to me at  The anthology pays pro rates of $.05/word for original work. I’m especially interested in stories that take place in Africa, the Caribbean, Russia, the far North (think Sweden), the Americas (i.e. Native American tribes), and Australia. I have a lot of stories set in Asia, so a story in Asia will be a tough sell. You’re still welcome to try if you think you have something really stellar.”

The pen is mightier than the sword and this is a call to arms for the legions of steampunks out there who enjoy scribbling a good story down. Let’s show those proles in the modern world what we can do!

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