“Coyote: The Outlander” steampunk book

Coyote: The Outlander

The Dutch publisher, Tip My Hat, proudly announces the release of its newest book series, “Coyote: The Outlander”, by Chantal Noordeloos.

“In addition to being a great book for lovers of the Steampunk genre,” says TMH, “it presents a new reading experience by offering a Second Screen that gives readers access to free content relevant to the part of the book they are reading. To unlock the content, one need simply to read the book and use the codes in various chapters. Currently, the readers can access extra story lines, listen to background music, or learn more about the author and her view on the book. We loved the idea of enhancing the readers’ enjoyment of the book by inviting them to visit Coyote’s world. It’s still a beta version, but we aim to release new content and improvements on a regular basis.”

Interested readers can download the first chapter of “Coyote: The Outlander” on the Second Screen and the book is available through various online retailers including Amazon.

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