Dance of the steampunks

Merryn Welch
Merryn Welch

PORT ANGELES: Nine acts, from tribal dancers to a steampunk DJ, will converge on Studio Bob in a brand-new event this Saturday night.

“Mutiny on the Alle Stage” will “transport you to another era, another dimension where music and dance collide,” promises ringleader and dancer Merryn Welch. She emphasizes that this party is open to all ages, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and show time at 8 p.m.

All of it is steampunk-powered. The night will be romantic, unpredictable, funny and spooky, Welch promised.

“Come early to shop steampunk gear,” she said, “and stick around after the show as DJ Dano will be playing the best of steampunk music to move to.”

Tickets to Mutiny on the Alle Stage are $8 for those who dress in their steampunk finery and $10 for everybody else. They’re on sale at Udjat Beads, 129 E. First St., and Odyssey Books, 114 W. Front St. Tickets will be available at the door of Studio Bob, 1181/2 E. Front St., on Saturday evening, too.

Mutinous performers include:

  • Sideshow Barker Richard Stephens;
  • Bellydancer Ana Bell;
  • Dancers Matthew Finley and Brandon Christensen, formerly of the Girdle Scouts;
  • Dancer Matthew McCarthy, aka Dr. Cross;
  • Dancer Susie Hinton, aka Siouxsie;
  • Dancers Welch, Tana Villella-Flath and Charles Burnell;
  • The Dark Jester trio with Robert Downing, aka the Mad Fiddler; Kelly Mcmurdo, aka Lord Drago; and 10-year-old djembe player Danny Roullo;
  • Avatar Dance Company with Natalie Wilson and Crystal Grant.

Wilson described Avatar’s art as a form of bellydancing:tribal fusion with a Gothic touch.” Mutiny on the Alle Stage, she added, is a chance for audience members to “try something new.”
For Welch, the gathering of performers is a chance to step outside the norm, outside of modern times. “This is our way of taking over,” she said.

Whenever Welch has gone to steampunk parties, she’s had an absolute blast. Like her fellow performers, she hopes to see a variety of guests Saturday night. “We’re not going to bite,” Wilson added with a smile.

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