Campaign to save Smithfield General Market

A petition has been started on to prevent Smithfield General Market from being demolished. Designed by Sir Horace Jones who designed Tower Bridge. The architecture is divine and proposals will include demolishing it.
Below is an excerpt from the petition:

“Proposals from a group of investors and developers have been approved by the City of London Corporation. These involve major demolition of the buildings only leaving 3 stretches of street frontages standing. The plans will see the interiors, including the great market halls, completely demolished to make way for offices that will rise up above the remaining facades. There are already too many empty office buildings in London – there is no need to build more. Moreover, the City has hundreds of thousands of square metres already in the pipeline not far from Smithfield.”

If you want to support saving this beautiful Victorian building, follow the link here: Petition to save Smithfield General Market

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