Old Bony Blue Eyes clockpunk story

Clockpunk is the mellowed out relation to steampunk
Clockpunk is the mellowed out relation to steampunk

In a land filled with twisty wizard’s magic and the 16th century technology of Leonardo da Vinci, comes the latest book by fantasy author Lita Burke.

Fantasy author Lita Burke has released Old Bony Blue Eyes, a new story in Ms. Burke’s Clockpunk Wizard series. It is available as an e-book through Amazon.com and other online venues. Set in a plate-shaped ocean world where magicians fly fantastic airships between floating islands, Wizard Kadmeion embarks on a dangerous journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a spell book for a love-starved dragon.

“Clockpunk is the mellower cousin of the popular Steampunk fantasy genre,” says Ms. Burke. “Instead of the gritty steam-powered gadgets found in Steampunk, the Clockpunk reader is immersed in a Renaissance-style world stuffed with clockworks and da Vinci flying machines.”

Even the magic is gentler in Burke’s Clockpunk Wizard world. No wizard just waves his hands and fries enemies with lightning bolts.

“Having a wizard shoot lightning from his fingers is rubbish. Kadmeion instead learns about the resulting magical mess when two wizards laugh themselves silly. He also wrestles with that greatest of magical mysteries, women.”

Go to LitaBurke.com for more information about Old Bony Blue Eyes and other Clockpunk Wizard stories.


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