Sherlock Holmes: The Final Chapter play
Charleston, SC September 23, 2013
– There’s nothing elementary about Charleston Stage’s upcoming steampunk-inspired production of contemporary playwright, Steven Deitz’s Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure. “While we wanted to remain true to the spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories, with so many adaptations of Sherlock Holmes about, we decided to take a unique twist on this age old tale,” explained Director Julian Wiles. “Holmes himself looked at the world from an odd and unique angle and we decided to do the same. We found a great start in Steve Deitz’s thrilling recent adaptation, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure. Winner of the 2007 Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Mystery Play, which anchors Holmes’ final adventure in the world of Author Conan Doyle but gives the story a modern momentum that’s a thrill a minute. Punctuated with humor, romance and clashes of intellect and fisticuffs, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure provides a unique look at a story everyone thinks they know.

To create a unique Steam-punk inspired look the Victorian world of Sherlock Holmes, Charleston Stage turned to guest costume Designer, Janine McCabe, Associate Professor of Costume Design at the College of Charleston who has served as guest designer for leading theatres across the country. McCabe has created more than a score of fantastical costumes for Sherlock and his friends-original costumes which are being built exclusively for this production. “For the costume design of Sherlock Holmes,” says McCabe, “we hoped to add just a hint of steam punk influence and lots of color to spice up the already exciting and well known world of Sherlock. Our goal was to enable the visual world  to represent the late 19th century with a flare that appeals to the modern eye through color and detail.”

The production also features seven original sets ranging from Holmes’s famed 221B Baker Street study to a London Gasworks to the ranging waters of Reichenbach Falls in the Swiss Alps. All have been created by Ken Barnett, Charleston Stage’s Resident Scenic Designer. “Since the play is a puzzle”, says Barnett, “who will win – Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective or his nemesis, the diabolical Professor Moriarty, the world’s cleverest criminal. I’ve made each scenic element in the shape of a puzzle – it will be up to the audience to collect all the pieces and put the puzzle together.”

Charleston Stage’s Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, features an all professional cast. “Folks often think of Holmes and Watson as two old fogies,” says Director Wiles, “but nothing could be farther from the truth. In most of the original stories the dynamic duo of Holmes and Watson are in their twenties. In our production the leads are played by the youthful members of Charleston Stage’s Resident Professional Acting Company. Taking the role of Sherlock is Jacob Dickey, his trusty but sometimes dimwitted sidekick Dr. Watson is played by Jesse Siak, the love of Holmes’s life, opera singer Irene Worth is played by Katrin Murdock, the dastardly Professor Moriarty is played by Aaron Hancock and the King of Bohemia by George Dippold. Rounding out the cast is Resident Actor Celine Keefe and Patrick Arnheim, Michael David Wilson and Luke Shaw.

About the Play
Contemporary Playwright, Steven Dietz’s Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure which won the 2007 Edgar Allen Poe Award for best mystery has quickly become the most produced Holmes adaptation in America. Acclaimed productions have appeared in theatres all over the country since its premiere in 2006. Though Deitz has taken a modern take, he’s kept his adaptation in the past, capturing Doyle’s original but with a new voice. Deitz’s play draws not only on two of the best Sherlock Holmes tales (

A Study in Scarlet, A Scandal in Bohemia, The Adventure of the Final Problem) but also draws on the original 1899 adaption that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself worked on with acclaimed 19th century actor, William Gillette. Gillette performed the play all over the world for more than 30 years and 5,000 performances making it one of the most profitable plays of the early 20th Century. Steven Deitz’s unique 21st Century adaptation is sure to follow suit.

About the Story

The world’s greatest detective has seemingly reached the end of his remarkable career when a case presents itself that is too tempting to ignore. The King of Bohemia is about to be blackmailed by a notorious photograph, and the woman at the heart of this crime is the famous opera singer, Irene Adler. With his trusted companion, Doctor Watson, at his side, Sherlock Holmes pursues first the case, and then the affections of Miss Adler – and in doing so, marches right into the lair of his longtime adversary, that malevolent genius of crime: Professor Moriarty. In this spirited, fast-moving and thoroughly theatrical adaptation, Steven Dietz presents Holmes at the height of his powers – surrounded by all the elements that fans of his exploits have come to expect: danger, intrigue, wit, humor and surprise. “The game is afoot, Watson – and it is a dangerous one!”

October 18th: ”Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure.” Presented by Charleston Stage at Dock Street Theatre, 135 Church Street; By Steven Dietz; Based on the Original 1899 Play by William Gillette and Arthur Conan Doyle; Directed by Julian Wiles. Seemingly at the end of his remarkable career, the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes is called back to service in a tantalizing case of blackmail that pits the world’s greatest detective and his brave friend, Dr. Watson, in a struggle to the death with the diabolical Professor James Moriarty – the Napoleon of Crime! With a thrilling new adaptation by contemporary playwright, Steven Dietz, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure has everything Holmes fans hope for: romance, danger, humor, twists, turns and of course mystery! The game is afoot! October 18-19, 23-26, 31 and Nov. 1-2 at 7:30 p.m., and October 20, 27 and Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. $34.50 – $53.50 for Adults, $32.50 – $51.50 for Seniors (60+) and $22.50 – $41.50 for Students (25 and under) and Active Military. Tickets available online 24/7 at Tickets by phone available Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm (Also open Sa 1pm-5pm show weeks only) by calling (843) 577-7183

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