Splendid interview with Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental portrait circa: 1881
Professor Elemental portrait circa: 1881

Professor Elemental is one of the most interesting characters in the steampunk community. From his recording studio at Elemental Manors, he creates beloved chap-hop tracks including Splendid, Elixir, Fighting Trousers (his diss song to Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer) as well as A Fete Worse than Death and Steampowered which directly references our charming sub-culture.

Despite his ridiculously busy schedule, I managed to corner him to ask a few questions about Geoffrey, Mr. B and tickling horses.

You’re a busy adventurer, where in the World are you right now?
Right now, I am in my lovely little office in Brighton, it is filled with boxes of tea and shelves of tat from my adventures. In my head it is like the Batcave, in real life it is a bit like a tiny museum dedicated to someone with mental health problems. Which are acutally sort of similar now that I come to think of it.

Is Geoffrey behaving?
Oh goodness yes! He is behaving. Behaving terribly, the absolute sod. I am still picking out bits of stained glass out of my hair from his entrance at dinner last night. And I’ll never get those banana daquiri stains out of the carpet.

Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013
Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 1

Can you explain the background of Professor Elemental to those who are unfamiliar with him?
My background is predominantly in adventuring, also giggling to myself, inventing, emceeing and horse tickling. The latter is more of a hobby than a profession, but worth mentioning all the same.

The “Chronicles of Professor Elemental” web series is gaining global interest, where would you like to see it get to?
I am just happy that it’s out there for all to see, there are plenty more projects on the horizon too- the next one will be of epic proportions indeed as I battle against the martians as earth’s last hope. Well, maybe not last, second or third to last.

You’re due to start appearing with Steam Powered Giraffe. They’re well known for their US Vaudeville style performances, while you’re quintessentially English. How do these wildly differing musical styles work together?
It works really well – I did a lovely show with them in San Diego and they are incredible live and lovely people. The juxtaposition of their polished and professional performance, compared to my semi improvised rantings worked surprisingly well. And they have the best fans ever. I love being British, but Americans make the best audiences. Them and the Irish.

Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 2
Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 2

You mentioned recently that have a project with Mr. B in the pipeline. Can you give us any more information?
Well it’s all under wraps and still in discussion at the moment I’m afraid. But I did a show last Thursday with him and we had a blast. Now the beef is long past I can say it- he really is a super performer.

You seem to be doing a lot of travelling, does that mean that your main studio work is on hold?
Never! I have had a little less time this year for recording, but still have a professor elemental E.P. and mixtape coming out before the year is done (a dancey little number called ‘the shindig’), plus an elemental E.P. called ‘Every Day is Saturday’ and the new Menagerie album which is finally out and C.D’s can be purchased from www.professorelemental.com

Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 3
Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 3

There’s a fair few private parties in your schedule. Don’t you think you’re under charging if the riff-raff can afford you?
I pride myself on making sure I get to party with the riff raff, private parties are a real treat, and you never know what to expect – I have been doing a lot of birthday parties, stag do’s and even a couple of wedding ceremonies (!)  It always feels a real honour to come and party with people on their territory. My next show will be a talk at the WI in London too, then a school workshop, a burlesque night and a Steampunk extravaganza or two. I am a lucky fellow indeed.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I love what you’ve done with the place. Salutations.
Thanks for having me – do pop along to professorelemental.com if you’d like to pick up music, the comic, the new Elemental blend tea or anything else:  http://www.professorelemental.com

Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 4
Professor Elemental at IVFDF 2013 4
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