Call to arms as steampunk photographer sets out on an incredible adventure

copyright Gary Nicholls
copyright Gary Nicholls

You may remember a few days ago, I posted a story about Gary Nicholls – a steampunk photographer – who had a stunning photographic display at The Asylum in September.

Well now that’s over, he’s decided to go one better. He’s decided to embark on the kind of adventure that only a Victorian explorer would dare to try.
His concept isn’t simply a series of pretty photographs of girls in corsets and gentlemen with splendidly manicured facial hair. He wants his images to tell a story. He said: “What makes my collection different to any other is that it weaves a fantastical Dickensian style story about one woman’s journey from ruination to salvation, nature against urban, portrayed and told in 60 high resolution photographic Images. The 60 strong collection will ultimately become a book, after being exhibited in London and LA, and sold as limited edition prints.”

The first display will take place at The Arch Collective, London in May, 2014.

copyright Gary Nicholls
copyright Gary Nicholls

You can see from the example shots in this article that the quality of work is very good. However, there’s something else to this story that really gives you a feeling of inspiration. Gary has a plan for his final image. It will be an epic steampunk battle featuring as many steampunks as he can get to be involved. From all over the World. “Recently, after exhibiting at The Lincoln Steampunk Festival, I signed up over 150 steampunks from the UK, to be features in the image.” said Gary. He continued “So far groups in Canada, UK, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Holland and France have all contacted me to say yes, we want in. The New Zealand group are even asking for an Arts council grant to fly me over.”

But that’s not all. Not only does he have potentially thousands of steampunks from all over the globe willing to be in on this monstrous picture, he has three – yes THREE – full size steampunk airships with crews, located in Florida, that wish to be included.

If all goes to plan, the picture will have around 3-4000 characters in it, with no clones. It fires up my imagination and I think how amazed I was the first time I saw the epic battle scenes in Lord of the Rings. That awe-inspiring moment when the camera shows the sheer magnitude of people that go to battle in ancient times.

Is Gary worried? No, to put it bluntly. He seems to be taking it well in his stride. He did give me a final thought, though: “The logistics are mind blowing, the planning; essential. But they all want to help in any way possible, with more countries coming on board daily.”

Here at the Journal, I’m very excited about this and will be following the adventure with fervent interest.

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