Always Alternative “The Raven” necklace review

Always Alternative Raven Necklace Front
Main view

Always Alternative is the brainchild of Erica and Louise from Devon, who realised that they both love designing and making jewellery. They decided to team up and created the company around October 2012. Since then, their quirky, interesting designs have garnered interest throughout alternative cultures such as steampunk. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at The Raven necklace, priced at £9.95 including postage to the UK.

Always Alternative Raven Necklace detail
Detailed view

Sometimes a lady wishes to go out on the arm of a gentleman and not be flamboyant in her adornments, while still maintaining an air of her individuality. The Raven necklace from Always Alternative is a lovely accessory that sports a fancy gothic style detail around the circumference of the oval shaped centrepiece. At the heart of the necklace is a resin coated passage from the poem The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe.

To press home the importance of the writings, a small Raven charm is attached via O ring at the bottom. This can be removed if you so wish, although I can’t imagine why you’d want to. Other than it may tickle you. The design is splendid in its simplicity. The chain is a strong, metal type that ends in a lobster claw clasp.

Always Alternative Raven Necklace clasp
Clasp detail

I do believe that this type of necklace would be most suited for the subtle steampunk. The kind of person interested in the sub-genre that doesn’t want to get dressed up in corsets and plate mail armour, but does want to show their appreciation for the decadent art work and neo-victorian themes.

There’s no discernible downsides to the build quality. The O rings are a standard modern type and maybe some copper wire could be twisted, or maybe a spare part from a clock could be used instead.

The price is decent considering it will be shipped to anywhere in the UK for that. If you’re abroad, you will need to add an extra £4 for overseas shipping.

The Raven necklace costs £9.95 and is available from Always Alternative. You can visit their website here: Always Alternative The Raven Necklace

  • Features 4
  • Build quality 5
  • Value for money 4.5
  • Overall 4.5 Highly Recommended award

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