Young illustrator takes a steampunk approach

Chloe Winn
Chloe Winn

While perusing the curiosities of the Alternative & Burlesque Fair, I happened upon a young lady that creates the most lovely illustrations.

Her name is Chloe Winn and not only is she very pretty (and a tad shy), she’s very skilled at what she does. I managed to get a photograph of her holding one of her creations. Her inspiration comes from Abigail Larson, Arthur Rackham and Jeremy Hush. Chloe’s illustrations began thanks to her keen interest in costumes, steampunk, nautical history, illustration and drinking copious amounts of earl grey.

She’s currently working on new material and I have to say, I can’t wait to see it. She does accept commissions and you can email her at for more information.

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