Gary Nicholls explains the Necessitti

As I follow the adventures of Gary Nicholls – the British photographer I’ve written about twice, now – I’m privy to some marvellous creations that he and his team are concocting. I received an electronic telegram from Gary about a device in his Imaginarium story called the Necessitti. He’s allowed me to include some photographs of the object which is simply stunning and would look delightful on my desk. Below, he explains the history of the Necessitti from its conception to the final product which the first image.

copyright Gary Nicholls
Final design of the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls

The Necessitti is an object of pure beauty and mysticism. It holds the key to The Imaginarium Story, where it has been designed and made by Dr William Percival Stockdale to save Eva Elizabeth Lovelace from Dr Williams’ Nemesis, Ella Von Black.

So, how did the Necessitti take shape?

copyright Gary Nicholls
Concept art for the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls

At the first shoot for The Imaginarium, Gary Nicholls “saw” Dr William Percival Stockdale as holding a “mystical” glowing orb. On discussing this with Peter Walton (Dr William) he went off to his lab and set about designing it. What started as a glowing orb, quickly developed into something quite magical. Peter Walton is a genius, much like the character he depicts, Dr William. From those early discussions, it took months of designing, prototyping and eventually hours and hours of making, to produce the final object. – The Necessitti.

copyright Gary Nicholls
First prototype of the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls
There are 31 parts in each Arm and 276 parts in all. The Arms and body are made from highly polished stainless steel. The hands are solid silver with copper knuckles and the whole object moves, the hands closing around the glowing green orb. It is simply stunning and an object of pure Art in its own right. It will feature in every image, somewhere, in various stages of opening, almost generating the image.
At the recent Steampunk Festival, The Asylum, it stunned visitors to The Imaginarium exhibit, in its beauty. Peter will, at some point, release limited editions of his creation.
copyright Gary Nicholls
Second prototype of the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls
It will be on exhibition, along with The Imaginarium Artwork at The Arch Collective, Bermondsey, next year.
You can visit Gary Nicholls’ website here: Gary Nicholls Photography
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