News round up – 03/10/2013

make your own steampunk thermometer
make your own steampunk thermometer

This weeks pickings from around the world include an American town holding a historical event and they most certainly don’t want steampunks there! I say! But they would like a separate steampunk event. You can also build your very own steampunk thermometer and there’s one of the most expensive difference engines I’ve seen. Arguably because it’s steampunk. It is very pretty, though.

The Durango Herald has reported on a historical event that doesn’t want steampunks to attend.

Games website Gamasutra has posted a press release on a new steampunk themed game called Cedaria: Blackout

The gadgeteer will show you how to build your own steampunk thermometer.

The has posted a small story on a steampunk “extravaganza” happening at Coshocton public library.

Boing Boing have picked up on the steampunk PC from Datamancer. It costs $14,000 on eBay, but it looks to be worth every penny.

Boing Boing have also discovered an amazing steampunk clock.

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