News round up 10/10/13

Here is the latest steampunk news from around the globe:

English: Steampunk enthusiast, Diana Vick port...
English: Steampunk enthusiast, Diana Vick portraying Lady Della, an explorer. Photographer – R. “Martin” Armstrong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) have found a delightful steampunk coffee shop. One would think it would be a tea shop, but you can’t have everything.

The Yorkshire Evening Post have reported on the Leeds Steampunk Market. I managed to grab an interview with Jo which I will post forthwith, so keep an eye out for it.

A history ball allows historical fans, Dr. Who enthusiasts and steampunks to get dressed up, according to the Kirkwood Patch.

The Courier News in Chicago have told us there’s a zombie event in Elgin and steampunks will be in attendance this year.

There’s a dubious use of the word steampunk in a new game called Steampunk Tower, according to Well, less dubious, more bandwagon jumping.

Broadway World have posted an article on a reworking of the Rocky Horror Show which has been given a steampunk twist.


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