Steampunk Doncaster to return in 2014

Donaster Steampunk Event organisers
Donaster Steampunk Event organisers

Earlier this year, three steampunks hosted an event in Doncaster – arguably the home of steam – and, by Harry they managed it. Thanks to this success, Group Captain Tony “Bootstrap” Bates, Captain Candice Foers-Bates and Craig Hallam are organising a second event in 2014.

Nicknamed Tiffin in the Park, it will feature many of the original events that took place this year as well as some extra. I can’t wait to see them since I couldn’t make it earlier this year.

Steampunk Doncaster model posing
Steampunk Doncaster model posing

Tiffin in the Park will be held in the Doncaster Deaf Trust facilities which has parking and also some limited on-site accommodation!

Take a look at the website by clicking the link here: Steampunk Doncaster 2014

You can also follow them less covertly by liking their Facebook page here: Steampunk Doncaster Facebook page

Steampunk Doncaster group shot
Steampunk Doncaster group shot


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