Best Examples: steampunk goggles

Are you considering a new DIY project? I constantly think about how I can modify something as a little project. So I decided to collect, for your optical pleasure, a visual display of the finest steampunk items. I’ll start with the icon of steampunk attire; the goggles.Bear in mind that there’s no rule stating that you have to have goggles, but if you want some and need some inspiration, then continue forth.
steampunk_goggles_by_zackary-d4mc5ua Steampunk-goggles-by-Steampunkdesign il_fullxfull.453861362_ej3f steampunk_goggles_number_2_by_ambassadormann-d2411ef steampunk_goggles_by_asdemeladen-d5mri81 Double-A-Stitching-Steampunk-Goggles
Please feel free to post links to other wonderful and bizarre goggles or email me

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