Star Wars models given a steampunk make-over

These delightful Star Wars characters have been in design for the last seven years. They were finally made in 2007 but not revealed until later.

The characters in the photograph above are (from left): Sir Benedict Kellion (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Lily O’Glennon (Princess Leia Organa), Chadwick Bagger (Chewbacca), Rustbucket (R2-D2), Hawes Olan (Han Solo), Clockwork (C-3PO), Lucius Scurlock (Luke Skywalker), Duke Vandenberg (Darth Vader), General Tarkinton (Grand Moff Tarkin) and Shocktrooper (Stormtrooper).

There are also other, more cult characters available to peruse on the Sillof website such as Boden Vedd (Boba Fett) and Ignatius (IG88).

You can view all the Steam Wars characters on the Sillof website here: Sillof Star Wars Steampunk characters

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