News round up 24/10/2013

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

here are the very best news items in steampunkery from around the world. There’s an article on steampunk literacy as a genre, a review of K.W. Jeter‘s new novel and a steampunk fashion show among the many other things that are happening all around us:
Hutch News has posted an article on what steampunk is, where it comes from and how it’s evolved. These things are always worth reading.

A Romeo and Juliet play has been given a steampunk rework, according to the Quad City Times.

MMOSITE has reported on a new steampunk online game called Black Gold and if the pictures from it (see above) are anything to go by, it’s both impressive and dubious with the steampunk link at best.

Peninsula Daily News have posted an item about pupils from the Port Angeles Skill Centre working on murals and art for a Steampunk Social Art and Culinary show on 29/10/2013.

Steampunk iPhone game Tower Defense has been selected by Appolicious as a “must download” game at the moment.

Locus Online have posted a review of K.W. Jeter’s newest steampunk themed novel on their pages.

There’s a steampunk fashion show on at Alwin Anthony salon, according to the Grayslake Patch. I can’t imagine that being pretentious at all.

Jeff Mach will be playing at the Pine Hill steampunk festival on 26/10/2013. You can read about it on the Watershed Post.

Nelson Mail has reported on a samba dance company winning an award with a steampunk themed dance routine. Yes, that’s right. Samba and clockwork apparently go hand in hand enough to win awards. I do wonder as to the extent of the steampunk influence, but I can’t find any imagery.

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