Einstein Must Die!


This looks like a jolly good read. It’s a new novel by author Chris Kohout and involves Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Winston Churchill. It covers a war between America and Britain which involves a house-sized tank, neural links and bombs.SEATTLE, Oct. 25, 2013: Author Chris Kohout weaves deeply researched historical figures (Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Winston Churchill) with fanciful technology and creates a rich story of war, betrayal and the melding of man and machine.

Published by Unbound Reality, the novel opens in 1910 AD. Impending war with England has given Nikola Tesla the chance to build his dream: a weapon to end all wars. The American steam-powered Beowulf tank is larger than a house, and carries enough firepower to face an army. Beowulf also has a mechanical brain, embedded with the consciousness of Colonel Browning, America’s best military strategist.

But in England, King George has put Albert Einstein to work for his own war effort: zeppelins capable of reaching the former colony, and new, radiological bombs to remind them of the price of disloyalty.

When two brilliant pacifists wield technology to bring peace to a planet at war, the final outcome will surprise them both, and the world.

CreateSpace says, “Einstein Must Die! is a page-turner. Readers will be pulled into this alternative-history novel set against the backdrop of a twentieth-century war being fought on US soil. It won’t take long before they’ll be rooting for a supersized tank with a human mind. Chris Kohout has an amazing gift for storytelling.”

Arthur Bradley, author of the Survivalist series, says of Kohout’s mix of technology, history and bold personalities: “It’s too easy to re-tell the same old stories, but Chris Kohout does an outstanding job of creating a steampunk/sci-fi/historical novel featuring real-life characters put into an alternate historical timeline.”

Chris Kohout works as an author in Seattle, WA. A former programmer, he has written three screenplays and is currently finishing his second novel.

ISBN 1491026049

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Chris Kohout
Chris Kohout – Author of Einstein Must Die!
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