News round up 31/10/2013

Frankenstein's Monster revamp
Steampunk Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s that time again, my dear friends and I’ve emptied out my intray to see what wonders of the World there is to look at from the last seven days. In this news round up, I have words of a steampunk Frankenstein’s Monster (above), more steampunk video games, a short video and a few Hallowe’en ideas.The Idaho Press Tribune has reported on an antiques store that sells one of a kind steampunk items.

The Oregonian reveals another play with a steampunk twist. This time it’s Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

As steampunk reluctantly becomes the word du jour, tells of another steampunk based computer game called Aerena: Clash of Champions. It could be argued that it’s more of a dieselpunk theme, but let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Register have challenged readers to create a steampunk VDU. Not an easy feat by any means.

You have to cast your gaze on the images of a steampunk Frankenstein’s Monster shown on

Huffington post have offered ten ways to steampunk Hallowe’en.

OUDaily have reported on the Octipodicon event which is to be held on Nov 1-3, 2013.

Anyone living in Lakewood may want to participate in the Jewellery for Teens taking place on Friday, Nov 15. According to the Lakewood Observer.

Huffington Post are at it again, but this time with a video short called The Deep, by PES, featuring metal items that are recreated to look like deep ocean dwelling creatures. Not a Kraken in sight.

Beauty World News have posted an article on how to look steampunk when out and about. Hopefully without getting beaten up for being “a weirdo”.

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