Steampunk news round up 07/11/2013

steampunk tower
With WGW now out of the way until April next year, the next big event on the Steampunk Journal calendar is the Haworth Steampunk Fair which we will be attending. Do say hello if you see me wandering around. In the meantime, here’s this weeks news round up of the best stories from outside and within the Empire.

Bee’s Knees Bakery in Lancaster are showcasing the steampunk art work of Ellen Thilo, according to Lancaster Online.

William Orbit has created a steampunk musical device and in an interview with Wired, he talks about it.

The Natchez Democrat reports on a couple who have opened a steampunk themed coffee shop.

New Zealanders had a steampunk picnic, the Otago Daily Times say.

Strasbourg Rail Road wants you! That’s the message from On the 16th and 17th November, the railroad is turning into a steampunk playground.

Take a look at this delightful steampunk Hot Rod reported on by

Back in England and Leicestershire (yes the county) are embracing steampunk with the launch of a new steampunk holiday break aimed at our culture, according to the Loughborough Echo. have reviewed Steampunk Tower, the video game

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