The Journal is rising

From the Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Mu...
From the Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of Science. Flickr data (on upload date): Tags: steampunk, mask, delta3200 License: CC BY 2.0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not exactly an inspiring title to begin a post with, but it preambles to a good tale. I started the Journal on 4th July, 2013 and since then its popularity has soared. In fact, in four months it’s become one of the highest ranking websites dedicated to steampunk news and culture around.

The current positioning of the site on Alexa ranking is just under 800,000 globally and just under 28,000 in Great Britain. I’m not trying to put other sites down, they’re wonderful to read. In fact, I’ve linked to them so you can visit them as well.

Compare the Journal’s position with other magazines and you can see how it fares.*

Steampunk Journal – 800,000

Airship Ambassador – 5,000,000

Brass Goggles – 281,000

Steampunk News – No rank

Steampunk Workshop – 380,000

Strange Dreams – No data

Steampunk Tribune – 1,900,000

Steampunk Canada – 2,500,000

I still have a lot of work to do and this is where you can help. Do you have any steampunk news? Are you a Kickstart campaign? Do you make steampunk items? Are you involved in music, film or art and use steampunk as an inspiriation? Do you make clothes?

If you have any news for me that it steampunk related, please email me I’m always keen to promote anyone within the culture.

*Please note; these figures are approximations and do change daily. They’re not exact figures and aren’t necessarily a reflection on how many visitors the sites have. Other factors can play a part such as SEO, original content and regularity of posts. Then there’s the fact that no-one really knows how Google works.

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8 thoughts on “The Journal is rising

  1. Hi, I run a clothing company that makes steampunk clothes and accessories, Grymmstone and Treacle Clothing which can be found on Facebook, help run a steampunk group here in New Zealand, and organise plenty of events and regular gatherings, and I’m in touch with a lot of the other members of the community here in NZ, and as we have a lot going on over here, would be pleased to keep you updated.

    1. Hi that’s great, thank you! It’s always nice to hear from steampunks around the world. If you have a mailing list, add to it. I’d be interested to know where NZ get their inspiration from. Is it the British Empire style, US Wild West or European? A mix of any/all of them or do you have your own?

      1. Inspiration comes from all over. We have a lot of English influence, but have people who have used Argentinian culture as an influence and come up with “gauchopunk”, a wonderful woman who used the Maori culture for an award winning outfit, and I’ve also seen Asian, Russian and British military, as well as other influences. I think as a lot of people over the decades from many different countries have settled here, we have a multitude of ideas coming through.

      2. Wow that sounds incredible! Would someone be willing to write about it? I’ll place any links and credits you want. :0)

  2. I’d be quite happy to band together with my friends and get photos and write about it. Busy in the next two weeks, but I’ll get onto something for you:)

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