Always Alternative: steampunk watch brooch

Always Alternative steampunk Watch brooch front
Always Alternative Watch brooch main view

Always Alternative Watch brooch Introduction
After taking a look at the Raven necklace from Always Alternative, I wanted to see what else they had to offer. I managed to acquire the Watch brooch. A steampunk inspired accessory, suitable for everyday use. Priced at £9.95 with free shipping in the UK, the steampunk inspired watch brooch is available from the Always Alternative Etsy shop.

Always Alternative Watch brooch Features
I always like to see steampunk ebbing its way into different cultures and using accessories is a great way to spread it around. The steampunk inspired clock brooch from Always Alternative is one such item. It’s made from a variety of materials including metal and crystal.

Always Alternative steampunk Watch brooch
Always Alternative Watch brooch side view

The base is a silver filigree and forms the chassis on which the main clock part sits. It’s a little bendy, but as long as you’re careful with it, you shouldn’t have any troubles.

The watch base isn’t a reproduction product, or a defunct second hand item found in a bin. It’s an actual watch that has been taken apart and used as the brooch. The good thing about doing this is that it has moving parts, such as the Compensating Balance Wheel.

This is a lady’s accessory, so parts of the brooch have been decorated with rhinestones and Czech crystal in different colours. It makes it appealing to look at and when it glints in the sun, will no doubt catch the eye of an admiring gentleman as you pass by. The clock hand is obviously not part of the original timepiece and is a reproduction. It’s elegant in it’s styling and adds to the dynamic of the design.

Because of the materials used, the brooch is high quality and for the price, makes a great little present for the lady in your life or for those baby steampunks wanting to dress like mum. If you do let a child use it, be careful of the pin which is sharp and fastens using a simple C clasp.

Always Alternative steampunk Watch brooch back view
Always Alternative Watch brooch pin

Always Alternative Watch brooch Conclusion
The steampunk clock brooch is a lovely little accessory for pinning on your clothes as you venture out. The great bit about it is that you can wear it with normal clothes and still show your love and commitment to steampunk.

Is it steampunk? Well that all depends on your definition of the culture. There aren’t any strict rules and lord knows I’m not going to start laying them down. However, this is a brooch that could sit well in a steampunk jewellery box and be taken out regularly.

Always Alternative Watch brooch Highly Recommended award
Features 4
Build quality 4.5
Value for money 4.5
Overall 4.5

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