Steampunk inventor Richard “Datamancer” Nagy dies?

Richard Nagy - Datamancer
Richard “Doc” Nagy – Datamancer via Boing Boing

Boing Boing has posted an obituary about Richard R Nagy – better known as Datamancer – losing his life in a car accident. The obvious use of the word “apparently” suggests that they’re not entirely sure. The Gatehouse has also reported on it and they don’t seem 100% positive either.

If it’s true, then the loss of his life will be felt throughout the steampunk community. Everyone is familiar with his legendary steampunk laptops and other contraptions that he seemed to get perfect every time.

Indeed, I was only reading an interview with him on Thursday that discussed his newest creation in the works. The Tesla Cane was a walking cane with a working miniature plasma globe sat on top. I remember getting annoyed as this was a plan I’d had for a while, but I knew he’d pull it off faster and better than I ever could.

Datamancer steampunk laptop
Steampunk Laptop by Richard Nagy

You can read the Gatehouse story here: Richard Nagy reportedly dies

The Boing Boing article is here: RIP Richard “Datamancer” Nagy

There’s also a wonderful obituary by Gareth Branwyn on Richard Nagy obituary

My thoughts are with Mr. Nagy’s friends and family at this time.

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6 thoughts on “Steampunk inventor Richard “Datamancer” Nagy dies?

  1. I have been following him for quite a while and love his work. I am assuming the stories are true. I just made a video on YouTube discussing his work (not posted yet) and have an art show on Veterans Day where the gallery is anticipating the steam punk computer that I am building. Have you found out more on Richard and if the story is true? Are there places where we can show steam punk computer related Items? It seams like a sought after skill and yet I found this article because I was looking for a label for my work, Is it arts and crafts, computer mods. , or what do we call ourselves? I hope the stories are not true. What is the Datamancer Labs? They still seem to be updating their items. Dan Hawk

    1. Yes, sadly he died. However, his legacy lives on and his company is continuing through people he trained while alive. I’m interviewing someone from there in the next few days which I think will be very interesting.

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