Horror photographer searching for steampunks

Clinton Lofthouse photography
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A young photographer from Calderdale is wanting to blend his love of horror with steampunk for his next photographic adventure.

Clinton Lofthouse is a horror photographer, but wants to intertwine his love of horror and his interest with steampunk. He aims to begin shooting a series of photographs in 2014 taking legendary, mythical and popular culture horror icons and giving them a steampunk aesthetic.

“My project is going to be a long running steampunk horror series, which I am hoping to be published in various magazines, genre and non-genre. I will be shooting the first set of images next year.” he said.

His first set of photographs will centre around vampires and monsters from film such as Freddy Krueger (below) – for which he’s already had a custom steampunk Freddy glove designed and built for the shoot.

Englund as Freddy Krueger
Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And that’s where you come in. Clinton isn’t after the stereotypical model for his work. He wants to use real steampunks.
“Instead of using models and costume designers, I would love to directly involve the steampunk community using actual steampunk enthusiasts as models, showcasing their clothing designs and accessories to a wider audience.” He continued “I’m asking anyone who is interested to please get in touch, either email me or message me on Facebook. I would love to hear from you; your ideas or thoughts.”

An FX make-up artist is on-board and will be preparing everyone for the shoot. The photographs will be posted online and links will be given to the websites of anyone involved with the photographs. Full credits will also be given.

If you’re interested and would like to get in touch with Clinton, you can email him on clphotog@hotmail.com or contact him via his Facebook page here: Clinton Lofthouse photography

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