News round up 13/12/2013

Canadian Rockers release comic
Clockwork Angels by Rush

Good day, dear friends. Here is this weeks offerings of news from around the known World that has gathered in my intray over the last seven days. There’s news of an 80’s rock band releasing a steampunk comic that coincides with their album, an upcycler that draws inspiration from steampunk, goth and victoriana and an auction for a children’s charity that included a steampunk wreath. See how much it raised in the links below:

USAToday have reported that rock band Rush are to create a steampunk comic to coincide with their new album.

Hans Christian Anderson story “The Snow Queen” is to be made into a steampunk musical, according to The Gilroy Dispatch.

The Sooke News Mirror has showcased an upcycler that designs victoriana clothing with heavy influences from steampunk and goth.

Indian Express has written a nice article on a fashion designer that has increased his fanbase after using steampunk to influence his designs.

Back on British soil and the Times and Star have reported on a successful steampunk event in Carlisle. It seems if you want to imagine steampunk, you “Think Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter with a futuristic twist”(?)

The Children’s Action Network (C.A.N) celebrated the start of the holiday season with a charity auction. See how much the steampunk inspired wreath raised.

A steampunk angel has won a prize at the Rugby Open Exhibition, according to the Coventry Telegraph. have reported that Snowbooks have bought the UK rights to steampunk author David Barnett’s second and third novel.

What’s this? A play given a steampunk theme? Well, whatever next. Probably another one, next week. For now, though Oliver Twist has been given a steampunk… erm… twist.


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