Zorro set for steampunk revival

Zorro in 1920s
Image owned by Zorro.com

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 11, 2013: For over a decade, Pangea, a creative development company, has been collaborating with John Gertz, CEO and President of Zorro Productions, the company that controls the worldwide trademarks and copyrights in the Zorro intellectual property.

Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary Agency, home to authors who have been honored with coveted awards, including the Michael Printz and the Newbery, as well as writers who have won the Stonewall Book Award and Coretta Scott King Award, is thrilled to represent John Schulte, John Besmehn, and International Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Fred Fox Jr., of Pangea, the team noted for contributing to the writing and toy design of the wildly popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as working on iconic properties such as The Penguins of Madagascar, Speed Racer, Star Trek, and, of course, Zorro. The collaboration between Schulte, Besmehn, Fox, Brooks and Gertz has already resulted in the development of Zorro: Steel & Steam, Pangea’s SteamPunk treatment of the Zorro character, slated for publishing, entertainment, and licensing exploitation.

“The SteamPunk genre is perfect for Zorro, harnessing outrageous story lines, over-the-top adventures and clever gadgetry,” said the trio of writers in well-rehearsed unison. A sub-genre of science fiction, SteamPunk typically features steam-powered machinery in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization. The often hybrid genre sets a perfect stage for the iconic masked outlaw defending the people of the land against tyranny and villains. Personifying action, humor, romance, and heroism, this masked crusader proves once again that he can seamlessly transition throughout the ages. “We’re looking forward to creating a whole new life for Zorro that will capture the imaginations of readers and serve as the platform for new entertainment and licensing; we’re eager to apply our team’s combined expertise,” said John Gertz.

PANGEA is a creative development salon that specializes in writing, production and publishing of intellectual properties in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. www.PangeaCorp.com Contact John Schulte at BigDog@PangeaCorp.com Zorro Productions Inc. controls the worldwide trademarks and copyrights in the name, visual likeness and the character of Zorro. The brand is represented worldwide by over thirty-five licensing agents for all media and ancillary products. John Gertz, President and CEO, has been guiding the brand for over thirty-five years through major films, television, stage productions, publishing projects and promotions in addition to thousands of licensed products. The corporate offices are located in Berkeley, California. www.Zorro.com Serendipity Literary Agency, LLC is a New York-based boutique agency that represents a select list of writers and illustrators. At Serendipity, it’s all about standards and commitment. They are as diligent in adhering to the highest possible business standards as in selecting the people they represent. Founded by Regina Brooks in 2000, Serendipity has established a diverse base of award-winning clients in adult and young adult fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. The agents work tirelessly to help their clients build successful careers. Their mission is one of long-term development and the cultivation of lasting relationships with new and established authors and illustrators. The agency embraces serendipity, but never forgets that hard work produces its own luck. www.SerendipityLit.com

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