News round up 19/12/2013

steampunk wheelchair
Wheelchair design by Greg Hurley

We’re nearing Christmas, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I hope you’ve planned something special for the festive period. I’m considering not posting over Christmas so I may go quiet for a few days, but fret not! In all likelihood, the news round up due on 26/12/2013 will simply be posted a few days later.

Here is a small list of interesting items that have landed in my intray from around the known World in the past week. have reported on a marketing company that has set up a side project website selling hand-made steampunk goggles. have posted images of what could be the most splendid steampunk customised wheelchairs.

The owner of a steampunk cafe wants to add more art to the town, according to have reviewed Fiddlehead; the final book in  “The Clockwork Century” series from author Cherie Priest.

While we’re looking at books, have reported on “Fiendish Schemes”, the long awaited (by 26 years) sequel to “Infernal Devices” by K.W. Jeter.

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