Perseverance Triumphant!

Perseverance Triumphant! novella & screenplay
Perseverance Triumphant! ebook cover

I’ve been contacted recently by Gary Ruse of South Florida (a part of the USA which was under the safety of England until we tired of it). He’s a science fiction writer and has written a screenplay for a full length steampunk motion picture.

The screenplay is already doing the rounds in the USA via his agent and he wonders what the public and, in particular, British steampunks think of it.

There’s a trailer which outlines the idea of the film. It includes airships, Nikola Tesla, time travel, ray guns and insectoid aliens.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube here: Perseverance Triumphant! YouTube trailer

Gary has also very kindly offered a free copy of the ebook novella version of the story which he wrote after a Eureka moment when he created the whole story. You can download it by following this link and inputting the code BM72X: ebook novella download page

The code will expire at the end of February, so get your copy now.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section. If there’s enough interest, this kind of project can catapult steampunk into the limelight.

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2 thoughts on “Perseverance Triumphant!

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, in case anyone has happened upon this page after the expiration date of the above mentioned coupon, I have reactivated and extended the coupon code for a free copy of the eBook novella based upon the screenplay. Merely enter the code in the “coupon” box at checkout. The coupon is now good through the end of September.
    Promotional price: $0.00
    Coupon Code: BM72X
    Expires: September 30, 2014
    All formats are included, even PDF for PC reading. The link to the eBook dealer is still the same:

    1. Further update! I have extended the coupon code expiration date to September 30, 2015. Same link as above. Note, the film industry apparently is still not convinced that Steampunk is something they are ready to explore in a grand way. Hope that will change….

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