Steampunk news round up 10/01/2014

Legenderry steampunk comic series
Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure

Here’s the news from around the old Empire that has landed in my intray since my last news round up which was on the 28th December 2013. My apologies for the delay, but with Christmas and New Year selfishly getting in the way, I didn’t have the spare time to get one posted. Not to mention the distinct lack of news coming in.

If you have any news you’d like posting on the Journal, email

Unleashthefanboy have reviewed Legenderry: A steampunk Adventure. It’s a comic book series from Dynamite.

CraveOnline have also had a read of Legenderry and reviewed it.

Watchlist have reviewed the PC version of Steamworld Dig.

It’s comic reviews galore this week and here’s another. This time it’s of Steampunk Originals II by geeksofdoom. have posted an update on the Steampunk Playground I reported on back in July 2013. You can read my other news story here: Original story of the Steampunk Playground.

Playbill have announced a steampunk version of the Fantasticks musical play will start on January 17th and tour America.

NBC Los Angeles have reported on the Steampunk Symposium which starts today on the Queen Mary. have managed to get their hands on a look at DC Comics steampunk comic cover variants. have posted a teaser trailer for an upcoming game called Clockwork Empires.

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