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I’ve seen several children’s books with a steampunk theme, but I have to say I’m rather keen on getting hold of this one. The Jupiter Chronicles is an interesting story idea from author Leonardo Ramirez. It sees the protagonists (a young girl and her brother) sent to the planet Jupiter to wage battle with the Martians and rescue their missing father.

It looks to be a splendid read and the Facebook page is full of praise for the story. Book One is available now, while Book Two will be available in Spring 2014.

Below are brief synopses of the books.

WHAT: The Jupiter Chronicles Book One: The Secret of The Great Red Spot

WHO: Written by, Leonardo Ramirez
WHEN: Available Now!
WHERE: Purchase Online Now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
WHY: To Share an Ongoing Steampunk, Sci-Fi Adventure Story About Family Love,
Sibling Camaraderie, and Friendship, with Early Elementary School Readers
(Grades 3 and up 3)

Spring Hill, TN – October 1st, 2012

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A war has been fought and lost by the Jovians. Now the answer to their freedom lies within the Great Red Spot and it’s up to Ian and Callie to uncover its secret.

It is the year 1890 and Ian and Callie Castillo have had to suffer the hardships of a single parent family since their father went missing five years ago. Since then Ian has refused to use the last gift that his father left the wounded boy; a telescope that sits collecting dust in the attic. When Callie decides to peer through its murky lens it activates the device and sends the Castillo’s to the steam-powered floating cities of Jupiter to rescue their father and free the Jovians before the Martians launch their final attack.

What follows is the beginning of an era that will forever be known by its strange name…Steampunk.

The Jupiter Chronicles series takes flight with the first book in the series…The Secret of the Great Red Spot.

“Mr. Ramirez demonstrates he has truly found his talent and voice with this incredibly well-crafted book. This is the kind of book that gets the imagination moving at any age, making it perfect for children.” ~Catrina Taylor, Xarrok Recommends

“Captivating story which keeps you going with intense action all the way throughout the book while lending itself to frank and open conversations about absent fathers.”~ Anne Rucker, Educator

“It’s Steampunk Star Wars for adventure-loving kids!” ~Ann Wilkes, Science Fiction and Other ODDyseys

The Jupiter Chronicles: The Secret of the Great Red Spot

Release Date: September 15, 2012
ISBN-10: 0615633331
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012909740
Available in Paperback September 15, 2012
Available for eBook (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, B&N, Stanza, Palm Doc)

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Jupiter Chronicles Library Poster


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