Steampunk news round up 16/01/2014

Fantasticks play
The Fantasticks blends steampunk with more traditional

It’s such a delight to see what’s happening around the Old Empire which is why i bring you the weekly news round-up. If there’s any changes you’d like to see or if you’d like to contribute some news, then please get in touch. Not news like the news of the Gin Parlour that had been open for two years. Heavens no, I mean news that was released in the last couple of days. Until the next time, here’s a selection of what is happening on a continental plate near you.

There’s a photographer in Stark County looking for extras for a steampunk photo shoot if you’re interested. That’s according to

The Guardian online have posted a review of Bravely Default. It’s a JRPG and is described as “recapturing what made its earlier Final Fantasy games so wonderfully absorbing.” have posted some coverage on the Steampunk Symposium which happened last weekend in Long Beach, California.

Do you have £3000? Do you like Mumford & Sons? Then why not buy the Mumford & Sons steampunk piano which is going on sale according to The Argus.

Kitsap Sun have reported on “The Fantasticks”, a play that merges steampunk with more traditional clothing of the play. A photo of the play heads this article and it looks quite good.

Finally, do you remember that giant mechanical Tarantula in camp steampunk hit Wild Wild West? Well LEGO have only gone and made one. You can take a look at the pictures on Gizmodo here: Steampunk LEGO Tarantula

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