Steampunk Originals Vol. 6 calls for submissions

Steampunk Originals Facebook page
Steampunk Originals Vol 6

The sixth volume of the Steampunk Originals comics has began preparation with a call for steampunk authors and illustrators. Already featuring over 100 writers, the comics have an array of stories to create more variation within the steampunk theme. Also, because the project is organised through a Facebook page, anyone working on the project can collaborate and support each other.

Mike Schneider is the co-ordinating editor of the project and he told Steampunk Journal: Letterers may join independently and find others to work with through the group. Solo creators, existing teams, and even comics for reprint are always welcome.”

The great news is that intellectual rights to the work remain the property of the author. He continued: Terms are fully non-exclusive, all comics and properties remain creator-owned. Full details are available on the group page on Facebook. You’ll find them in the documents under the files tab.”

The deadline for submissions is Monday, May 5th, so make sure you get on over to the Facebook page and check it all out fully. You can do that by clicking on the link below.

Steampunk Originals Volume 6

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