Best examples: Vehicles

Steampunk Motorcycle
Design by Mikhail Smolyanov

There are so many types of vehicles out there and I think it’s fair to say that not one of them has been left untouched by a steampunk. Whether it’s using a pen and paper to envisage a dream transport or actually building a working prototype, steampunks are relentless in their Borg style assimilation of anything new and “perfecting” it to a Victorian aesthetic.

Steampunk monowheel
Unknown designer
Steampunk plane
Unknown designer
Steampunk Car
Design by Ioannis Karathomas
Steampunk bike and sidecar
Unknown designer
oh dear
Photoshop steam train and tank
NeverWas Haul steampunk caravan
The NeverWas Haul by Shannon O’Hare and crew
Steampunk Vespa
Designed and modded by Pulsar Projects
Steampunk Dreamliner vehicle
Steampunk Dreamliner from Second Life
Steampunk motorbike
Motorbike by Ferry Clot
Steampunk flying Cruiser
Design by Jamis27
Steampunk Cobra
Steampunk Chopper
Image copyright Aci-Roy
steampunk Sperm Whale submarine
Unknown artist
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